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 I'm Christa, Mindset Coach and Business Coach helping women entrepreneurs create aligned marketing and business strategy that helps them create the impact, income, and feel good flow they deserve!


12 Beauty Products I Repurchase Again and Again


February 17, 2017

With an almost endless variety of new products surrounding me at any given time to be tested, it takes a lot for me to love a product enough to repurchase it again and again.  Here are the twelve products I won’t be without. Most of which have been a part of my routine for many, many years. It may not be the most exciting looking list, pretty makeup isn’t something I hit pan on often enough to repurchase, but these are some of my beauty staples.

In no particular order. Products are linked to their original reviews where possible.

  • Lansinoh Lanolin – Yes nipple cream. This has been my holy grail lip balm for over 6 years. If you haven’t tried it yet then get on it. Trust me.
  • Live Clean Hair Oil (Keratin, Argan, Monoi) – I love these hair oils because they are affordable, effective, and they are silicone free!
  • Shu Uemura Ultime8 Cleansing Oil – This is pretty much the only makeup remover I have used since it launched five years ago. I can’t tell you how many bottles of this I have gone through. Actually considering how long I have been using it it hasn’t been as many bottles as you’d expect. The large bottles last a long time. This cleansing oil is an essential part in my double cleanse routine and always removes every spec of makeup, even tight lining.
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – This is the body lotion that my family and I use on a daily basis, and have for years and years. It’s gentle enough for my kids, and my, sensitive skin. I also love that it’s fragrance free and doesn’t compete with my fragrance choice of the day. The texture is lovely and easy to apply, absorbing quickly. And it comes in a big ‘ol pump bottle.
  • Dove Cream Beauty Bar – This is the only soap that is ever in the shower for my husband and I. We use it for our bodies, not our face. Well I suppose he uses it for his face! I have very sensitive skin (TMI especially my girly bits) and this never irritates me and doesn’t dry out my skin. I have lots of fancy body washes in my shower but most days I just reach for this.
  • Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution – I have gone through more bottles of this than I can count. I use it in my pro kit for removing makeup without leaving behind any residue. I use it for removing swatches when I’m working. I also use it for removing my makeup at the end of the day. After watching this video from Beautezine I decided to give Jessica’s method of cleansing with Bioderma alone, yes no water!, and my skin really responds well to it. I keep bouncing back and forth between this cleansing method and the double cleanse.
  • Kerastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder – I have raved about this product again and again. It’s like an aerosolized mix of dry shampoo, texture powder, and hairspray all in one. You spray it at my roots and then massage with your fingers to give AMAZING, and long lasting, volume and lift at the root. If I want to give the volume a little bit of a reboot I just have to massage my roots again with my fingers periodically throughout the day. No more flat top curls.
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – I have been using this powder for more years than I’d like to admit. It gives a bit of coverage but my favorite part about this powder is the soft natural radiance it gives my skin. I don’t care for a flat matte finish with my setting powders. I use the shade Light. Next I would like to try using deeper shades as a bronzer as I love the natural finish of this powder so much.
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot – A staple in my personal and professional makeup collections. This skin toned cream shadow makes an amazing eyeshadow base, covering any discolouration on the lids while helping to amp up the pigment of the shadows you apply on top and extending their wear. The only issue now as I age is that this cream product can look a bit dry on the lids.
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance – Another eyeshadow primer? Sure! I actually will use both this and Painterly on days I really want my makeup to last, but that’s a bit overkill. I find the TFSI excels like no other product at locking in your eyeshadow look for an entire day and night and making your shadows perform and look their best. The only thing holding it back from perfection is that it doesn’t offer any coverage of discolouration on the lids.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara – I can’t get over how incredible my lashes look with this mascara. Long, lush, fluttery, and thick. It has a similar effect to Too Faced Better Than Sex for me but without the flaking.
  • shu uemura Eyelash Curler – I have tried so many substitutes but so far nothing has compared to the iconic shu uemura curler. At least not for my particular eye shape. 

And I just noticed that Painterly Paint Pot is missing from my graphic. *sigh* We can’t all be perfect, am I right?

Do you see any of your favorite products on this list? What are your most repurchased beauty products?

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Christa xo

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 I'm Christa, Mindset Coach and Business Coach helping women entrepreneurs create aligned marketing and business strategy that helps them create the impact, income, and feel good flow they deserve!


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