11 Benefits of Journaling

I feel journaling is one of the most powerful ways to create change, growth, and healing in your life. Some of you may find the idea of journaling boring and mundane, while others find the concept of journaling creative and inspiring yet they struggle to create consistency in their journaling practice or come up with things to journal about after their initial enthusiasm wears off.

There are countless reasons why journaling is beneficial including helping your memory, problem-solving ability, achievements, your emotional and physical health. Here are 12 benefits you may want to consider to motivate you to begin reflecting on and recording your thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and activities on a regular basis.

Journaling Benefits

A journal serves as a record of your life

Have you ever thought back on your life and found yourself frustrated that you can’t recall the people and events that impacted your life. A journal is a great way of keeping track of what’s been important and impactful in your life. Often we don’t realize the impact of these people and events until much later and often the moment is lost in a jumble of memories. Imagine having that resource to reflect on down the road.

A journal can be cathartic

When you get the difficult and emotional stuff out on paper it helps you process and begin to feel better. Journaling is a quick and effective way to boost your emotional health.

You view your challenges in a new way

Getting some distance from the emotions and reactions of your challenges allows you to see them from a new perspective and begin to look at them in a new way. It’s a little less personal when you can see it written down on paper. You might find that many of your challenges aren’t as challenging as you first thought.

You can witness your progress

When you record your thoughts and your life, they’re right there in front of you. It’s easy to see how much your life is, or isn’t, progressing. Just looking back at your old entries can tell you a lot. It’s so easy to overlook our accomplishments or ignore or repeating self-sabotaging behaviors.

You will make more progress

When you record the most important happenings for the day, you’ll start to make new things happen. You’ll be embarrassed or annoyed with yourself if you keep recording the same old boring stuff each day. You’ll do new things in order to have something interesting to write about.

You’ll achieve more

Many studies have shown that the act of writing you’re your goals significantly increases the likelihood of increasing them.

Journaling organizes your thoughts and improves your problem-solving abilities

You can clear some of the clutter out of your head when you journal, and your subconscious can begin working on a solution to a challenge.

Your memory will improve

If you reflect on your life at the end of the d and record it, you’ll be much more likely to remember it. It’s a great workout for your brain and an effective way to remember more of your life. Imagine being one of those 90 year old women who can regale their great grandkids with stories of their life, rather than being someone who can’t remember what happened last year.

You’ll be in great company

Many famous and inspiring people kept journals. John D. Rockefeller, George Patton, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, and Mark Twain are just a few that believed in the power of journaling.

You learn about yourself

When you keep a journal, you quickly see your behavioral patterns and tendencies.

Journaling can lead to improved health

One study at the University of Auckland showed that writing in a journal can lead to faster wound healing and minimize the symptoms of several ailments, including asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. There are many surprising benefits revealed in various studies around the globe.

I recommend not journaling on your phone or computer. Using traditional pen and paper  to journal will reap more rewards as the act of writing engages your mind, and your subconscious at a higher level.

There are so many benefits to keeping a journal. Give yourself the chance to create a truly transformational year by trying journaling at least for a month. See how it’s impacted your life. If you don’t find there’s a benefit than you don’t need to continue, but I promise you that after evaluating what has transpired through a month of journaling you will be happy you have made it part of your life.

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