Tips for Implementing Personal Development Knowledge

6 Tips for Implementing Personal Development Knowledge Into Your Life

Does this sound familiar? You love buying new personal development books, watching new online masterclasses and webinars, enrolling in new courses and programs.

If it does you may just be a “self-help junkie”. Hey! Most of us love to jokingly refer to ourselves that way. I can’t think of a better thing to be addicted to than self-improvement!

It’s easy to feel excited and lit up by a new idea or method that sounds like the missing piece to your evolving personal and spiritual growth puzzle.

Here’s the thing, It’s easy to find new information and insights to improve your life. The challenge is in successfully implementing the personal development strategies you learn.

Before you hit submit on your latest book order from Amazon, let’s try digging out some of your existing favorite resources from your (I’m sure very impressive) self-help personal library and implement these strategies to put that knowledge in your fave books to work in your life.

Tips for implementing personal development knowledge into your life:

Prioritize Taking Action

The natural inclination of many people, especially us brainy types, is to put too much emphasis on acquiring more knowledge. We’d rather read another book or do more contemplation on the subject rather than truly putting the information to use.

Whether you need to manifest more money, improve your health, boost your confidence, build your business, or improve your relationships, it’s not complicated. You’re better off practicing the self-help techniques that you’ve already learned than reading another book on the topic.

Consistency Over Intensity

Drastic change is incredibly difficult to maintain. Start by making a few manageable changes consistently every week. A few small changes each week is enough to compound and drastically improve your life over the next year. Avoid feeling like you have to completely revamp your life overnight. Not only will you be miserable, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure and frustration.

Set an attainable goal for the month and reach it as gently as you can. Continue that momentum and be a little bolder as you go.

Focus on Habit Building

99% of your less desirable attributes didn’t happen overnight. Those unpleasant areas of your life are the result of poor decisions repeated for an extended period of time. The remedy is to make more positive decisions over an extended period of time.

Our life is the result of our habits. Not the result of the drastic situations and changes we make. The creation of positive habits practically guarantees your success.

Focus on the area of biggest impact

Suppose your income was sufficient to meet your current needs, but you were 100 pounds overweight and were experiencing detrimental health issues. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to focus on increasing your income would it?

We often avoid dealing with what’s most pressing and important by distracting ourselves with less vital things. Address the part of your life that’s most dissatisfying. Get every aspect of your life to an acceptable level before reaching for anything above average. Create balance first.

Ask yourself “How Can I Apply This in My Life?”

Many self-help materials are very theoretical. They have great ideas, but it’s not always clear on how to take them beyond the book and apply them to your own life and circumstances. Make it a point, as you’re reading, listening, or thinking about the information being presented, to ask yourself how you can use the knowledge you are acquiring to enhance your own life. How can you take what you are learning and begin implementing personal development knowledge into your day to day life.

Understanding the information is necessary, but it’s not enough. Knowledge must be applied to be useful. Try journaling on the ways to use what you’re learning.

Create a routine

It’s easy to get all excited at first and then realize a month later that you haven’t done anything productive for the last two weeks. Develop a personal and spiritual development routine just like you would a workout routine. Make applying the information you learn a regular occurrence. Make implementing personal development techniques the norm. You might find my free Thirty Minutes to Thrive eBook helpful for this.

Most of us find ourselves bouncing from one mini emergency to another. We continue to promise ourselves that tomorrow we’ll start taking action on choosing ourselves. We just can’t seem to figure out how to get ourselves to take action consistently. Especially when that can mean prioritizing our own needs over others.

Learning how to apply the information you know is a skill in itself. Start slowly and build habits that bring results automatically. This is a skill that can serve you in so many more areas beyond personal development. Become an action taking junkie! Not just a self-help junkie!

In the end, success is about using your time wisely each day and creating healthy and positive habits. You can’t help but get great results if you perform fruitful actions over and over.

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