7 Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Success

Your success isn’t as dependent on your current skills and talents as you may think. Your beliefs are far more instrumental in your success! Recognizing the limiting beliefs that are blocking your success might be the most important step you can take on your journey to a fulfilling life where you’re realizing your potential. Mental blocks are insidious. They begin at a young age and quickly become your norm.

They become so ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t notice them. We fail to question them. We learn to limit ourselves and blindly accept the criticisms and restrictions of our family members, teachers, peers, and even strangers.

Learn to Recognize If You Have These Limiting bBeliefs

Self-Doubt Limiting Your Ability To Take Action

The most successful people tend to overestimate their abilities at first. However, studies have shown that these same people eventually grow to meet their expectations. Have the courage to believe that you’re capable and the faith that you’ll ultimately prove yourself correct.

  • Also consider the opposite side of this coin. The most pessimistic of people are the most accurate when assessing their skill at a new task. They also finish behind all other groups in the long term. It’s important to be optimistic and you’ll come out ahead.

Refusing To Find Or Accept Help From Others

You aren’t expected to, nor would you want to, gain the necessary knowledge and skill to perform every task yourself. You can find others that are successful in the field your struggling with. Seek these experts out and get the help you require so you can focus your time and attention in your zone of genius..

Thinking You Lack The Necessary Education or Credentials

The percentage of highly successful people who failed to complete high school is staggering. While a lack of education can prevent you from becoming a brain surgeon or other highly specialized and trained careers, it’s possible you already have all the education you require to be successful in other endeavors your looking to pursue. Stop procrastinating by waiting to take action until you feel more “ready”. You become ready through doing.

Thinking Your Competition Is Better Than You

Studies have shown that we tend to underestimate ourselves and overestimate others. Consider the fact that you might be giving your competition more credit than they deserve! Be inspired by what your competition is achieving and find your own way to do it. We don’t know the full picture behind what our competitors are doing and living behind the scenes. The struggles and fears they experience. Ignore them, do you, and get busy!

Believing That Your Goals Aren’t Achievable

If you’re sure you can’t be successful, you’ll never get started. If we don’t believe something is possible we just won’t try very hard. Be objective with your goals. Are they really too challenging? Or are you failing to believe in your own capabilities?

  • Don’t set goals that feel easy, but don’t set goals that feel completely unattainable either. Set goals that feel like a  bit of a stretch. Goals that make you feel a bit of fear in an exciting way.

Being Afraid To See Your Truth

Perhaps you’re nervous about discovering your shortcomings. Afraid to fail. It’s easy to maintain a little hope if you stay on the sidelines. After all, maybe you really do have what it takes. You haven’t done anything to prove yourself wrong yet.

Try your best and see what happens. You’re unlikely to be successful on the first attempt anyway. However, the second attempt will be better than the first. The third will be even more effective. Continue until you’ve attained success. What you want is worth working for!

Believing That You Lack The Necessary Time And Money

Convenient excuses are tools of those that lack commitment. They are also a form of self-sabotage. Successful people have started from every possible starting point. Some were wealthy while others were poor and had to work multiple jobs just to put food on the table.

  • You can get started without financial resources.
  • You can find time if you desire to do so and make it a priority.

Limiting beliefs and mental blocks are common, but you’ll notice that your most successful acquaintances have the fewest mental blocks. They’ve worked hard to overcome them. You have a powerful ability to succeed if you can enhance your mental state and your perspective. Examine yourself for these most common success blocks. Once you’re able to recognize them, you’re able to address them. When we gain an awareness of something it can no longer work behind the scenes to sabotage our success. Once we brink those beliefs out of the darkness of our subconscious and into the light of our conscious we can face them, work through them, and overcome them!

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