Are These Self-Sabotaging Behaviours Holding You Back?

Are these Behaviours Sabotaging Your Success?

Do you find yourself on the brink of achieving more of what you want in your life and then somehow letting it slip through your fingers? Perhaps you’re starting to notice there are behaviors you’re repeating that are sabotaging your success? Are you ready to eliminate your limiting behaviors once and for all so you can begin realizing your full potential?

The first step to eliminating negative behaviors and habits in your life is to first become aware of them. Self-awareness is the key to unlocking so much more in your life. Once you begin to recognize the limiting beliefs, blocks, and sabotaging habits that stand in your way you can begin to embrace a new more empowering approach. The only thing standing in your way is you, and today you can begin recognizing some ways you have been getting in your own way so you can clear the path to a brighter future.

Keep an eye out for these common self-sabotaging behaviors so you can replace them with more supportive and productive beliefs:


Settling for less than your best causes you to stop short of unleashing your fullest potential. Sometimes you settle for less because you’re scared of encountering failure. Other times, you may settle simply because you lack awareness of your own strength.

It’s easy to stay safe and comfortable but it also keeps us stuck. Test your strength constantly by going outside of your comfort zone. Face your fears, because more often than not, your fear is the only obstacle between you and what you want.


When you are too attached to a specific outcome you shut yourself off from experiencing and new, and often better, experience. When we have blinders on and are focused on our success only looking a certain way we don’t see the opportunities that the Universe is bringing our way. Sometimes we need to be open to the possibility that we don’t always know what is best for us.

Have clear goals for what you desire in your life but don’t be so attached to how you will get there or what it will look like. Be open to the possibility that failing at one path may be exactly what we needed to direct us down a new path that is more amazing than we could have even imagined.

You feel sorry for yourself

If your less than impressed with your current situation then change your circumstances. Instead of dwelling on what could have been and focusing on the unfortunate hand you’ve been dealt, seek to learn from every experience and focus on solutions, instead of problems.

Your success is your responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for your results and allow unfortunate situations to steer you toward success, instead of deterring you from achieving your dreams. By maintaining this mindset, even your worst trial will be far better than remaining on the sidelines of life.

Lack of a backup plan

If your initial plan doesn’t go as smashingly as you’d hoped, your only chance at success is your ability to adapt. Everyone needs a Plan B. You may feel like a pessimist by planning for an unfortunate outcome, but this planning is actually proactive. It shows your mind that you’re serious about reaching your desired destination.

Ensure your financial security, mental health, and well-being by allowing your ego to rest from its incessant worries by having a plan in place so you know that even if things don’t pan out the way you’ve hoped you know you will be OK. The Universe always has your back but it doesn’t hurt to have your own as well and leave that stress behind.

It takes practice to break out of old habits. It’s OK if you find you are falling into any of these self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder your chances of success. Decide that today is going to be a new day. The important thing is that you recognize the thought patterns and behaviors that limit you and head in a new direction that supports your success. Once this awareness is built you’ll no longer be able to allow yourself to fall victim to your old ways. You’ll recognize what’s happening and be able to shake it off, and probably have a little chuckle at yourself while you do it.

Create the habit of replacing negative thinking with a productive, solution-oriented focus that tells your mind you deserve the success you seek. When you do, your success is inevitable.

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