STRATEGY intensive

Stand Out & Scale

What it includes:

I will perform pre-call research based on your pre-call questionnaire and submission of business details and assets so I'm get up to speed with your current business.
One 2 hour call to dive deep into your business and develop an action plan for achieving your goals.
We'll review your business, offers and services and align them with a comprehensive strategy and roadmap on how your business goals can be implemented via launches, sales funnels etc.
A follow-up email with a report outlining a roadmap, action plan with additional suggestions and resources.
A proposal of how I can execute your needs will be delivered and you may choose to work with me further.

$500 credit towards coaching and done for you funnel building services.

a STRATEGY intensive session for entrepreneurs and business owners ready to map out their goals and business and marketing strategy.

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— Michelle K.

"Christa thank you thank you thank you!!! Digesting this genius you are sharing with me and it feels so good already!!"

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