Claiming Your Bold Boss Status

I know what they might be thinking…

She’s crazy.

She’s delusional.

Who is she kidding?

Why doesn’t she just get a real job?

Some of you may fear these same thoughts are being thought about you. These same words are being spoken about you. Behind your back. Or maybe to your face in the guise of “loving concern”.

This isn’t something that goes away.

It’s something you must choose to move through.

This whole online business “thing”…

This entrepreneurial journey you’ve embarked on…

It REQUIRES you to get uncomfortable.

It REQUIRES dedication.

It’s not meant to be easy.

There’s a reason people aren’t willing to leave their 9-5 jobs they hate.

There’s a reason all those people you know who get together and do nothing but bitch and moan about their job, their boss, their pay, their whatever… continue to settle for the status quo.

It’s because they don’t have the guts to embrace the uncertainty of carving their own path.

But YOU have that courage. 

You might be thinking to yourself… “but I’m not that confident. I’m actually pretty afraid.”

But here’s the thing. You. Are. Still. Here.

And unless you’re willing to throw in the towel right now it’s time to step the hell up and claim it.

Claim what you ask?

Claim that YOU my friend are a Bold Boss.

And who am I as a Bold Boss? Who are YOU as a Bold Boss?

The Bold Boss Manifesto

I am building my empire.

I am committed to my success.

I create my own freedom.

I create my independence.

I am a risk taker and a change maker.

Being an entrepreneur is in my blood.

I make my own rules.

I rise above my fear.

I decide my future.

I rise above self doubt.

I embrace my power.

I am willing to take risks.

I break free of expectations.

I rise beyond limitations.

I rise with grace and compassion.

I am not afraid to fall.

I build confidence through action.

I create my own path.

I am not afraid to stand out and make an impact.

I take inspired action daily.

I do not give up.

This is who I am.

This is who I serve.

Download your copy of the Bold Boss Manifesto here to put up on your wall to remind yourself who. you. are.

Bold Boss Empire
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