Do These 3 Things To Attract More Dream Clients and Customers

Here are 3 things you can do right now (yes TODAY! Don’t just read this and say “Ahhh ya, that sounds great I should do that”… then not do it) to attract more dream clients and customers into your business.

3 Ways to Attract More Dream Clients and Customers

I know sometimes it can feel like an endless hustle trying to bring more awareness to your business as an entrepreneur and call in more clients. And not just any clients, but those clients who you thrive and enjoy servicing and who truly are ideally suited to benefit from what you have to offer. You know you need to show up but sometimes you’re left wondering what the heck else you can be doing to grow your audience and yes… make SALES.

So here are 3 things you may not have considered that will help you call in those perfect humans into your world.

Number 1 – Grab Your Megaphone to Attract Your Ideal Clients

Write, or record a video, free flow sharing what that one message you wish you could share with the world is. What is it that one lesson you’ve learned, thing you’ve come to understand, or insight within you that you wish you could just shout from the rooftops and help everyone know and understand. The one thing that you just know is that if people could just “get this” it would change their life. Something you believe in so strongly you desperately wish others could realize.

Now this may not be directly related to the product or service you offer and that’s OK. This is about helping understand what you stand for and who you are. Because THAT is what magnetizes your people to you and your business. The right people will get this message, resonate with it, and say to themselves “now that’s my kind of person!”

Number 2 – Call In Your Dream Clients Energetically

I want you to find a quiet place, close your eyes, and envision that dream ideal client for your business. Maybe this is someone you’ve already worked with that represents the kind of person you’re most meant to serve. Maybe it’s a past version of yourself. Maybe it’s an ideal client avatar you’ve taken the time to envision. I want you to clear your mind, take a few deep breaths to center yourself, and imagine them out there. All of those people out there who can be positively impacted by what you do.

Imagine if you can, connecting to them energetically. Sending out a warm welcome to them. Letting them know that you are here and ready to support them. That they are not alone. Let your energy radiate outward to connect with them and invite them into your world. Spend some time just relaxing into this and breathing. And when you feel ready take a deep breath in to call your energy back in and exhale and open your eyes. Now don’t be surprised if you have people joining your list or purchasing your products or even coming into your space and commenting saying they just happened to  “stumble” across you online or some other divine randomness.

Set yourself apart from others in your industry to attract more dream clients

Number 3 – Set Yourself Apart To Your Ideal Customers

What is it about what you do or who you are that makes you unique from the other people and businesses out there that offer a similar product or service. Maybe it’s a unique combination of skills or talents. Perhaps it’s an original take on something or even a personality quirk you have. What makes you different is not something to hide. It’s something to be embraced. It’s something that will attract dream clients to you and help them connect with you.

It is so important to stand out in your industry. Whatever this thing or things is that makes you or what you do unique I want you to make sure that it’s not just your secret weapon you’re keeping on the down low. I want you to look at your online presence right now, your website and social media etc., and make sure that you are highlighting what makes you different in some way for the world to see. Don’t be just another generic business out there in the sea of sameness. Whatever it is about you and your business that sets it apart from the rest, make it clear for those you stumble across you online to recognize that about you and be drawn towards it as your dream client.

And yes… this may mean that in order to attract your ideal people you are repelling others. That is not a bad thing. It’s a GREAT thing and one of the reasons it is so important that you stop caring what people think so you can truly succeed (and find happiness and fulfilment) in life and business.

These 3 things can all be accomplished TODAY so get out there (virtually, physically, and energetically) and attract those dream clients and customers right now. They’ve been waiting for you!

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