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 I'm Christa, Mindset and Business Coach helping women entrepreneurs create aligned marketing and business strategy that helps them create the impact, income, and feel good flow they deserve!


Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation & Gloss Bomb Review


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I tried to not get swept up in the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna hype. I must admit that when the line launched I added several items to my Sephora cart but I never pulled the trigger. I knew I wanted to see the products in person before committing to anything. I live over an hour away from the nearest Sephora but the other weekend I was taking my daughter shopping and our first stop was to take a look at Rihanna’s beauty line at Sephora. The packaging of all the products is gorgeous.

The highlighters were pretty but many were too shimmery for my tastes, and I already have more powder highlighters than I’d care to admit so I resisted those. The cream sticks were really lovely, and the contour shade Amber was absolute perfection, but I’m not a big cream contour and highlight user so I resisted those as well.

The product I was most excited to check out was the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation ($34 US/$42 CAD). There had been so many rave reviews that I had almost ordered it online but I knew with the extensive shade selection I had best select one in person. Well am I ever glad I did! You know a foundation shade range is exceptional when miss Perilously Pale is the third lightest neutral shade! I had guessed I would be the second lightest neutral shade (which was sold out so I was initially disappointed). I decided to get a sample of the third lightest neutral shade to try and turns out it was a great match! It is actually a little bit too light but as we head into winter it should be fine.

The lovely gal at Sephora gave me a generous sample. Enough for four applications. But it was after only my first application that I rushed to the computer and ordered a full bottle. I was instantly in love. Not only did my skin look incredibly flawless but the formula also excelled where I usually experience problems. I usually run into trouble with foundation migrating into the deep laugh lines but Pro Filt’r stayed put even before I set it. I also have a patch of red, textured, and dry skin on my chin that usually eats foundation throughout the day and foundation typically accentuates the dryness there. Well this foundation not only didn’t accentuate the flaws in that area, it made it look more smooth and lovely than I think any foundation ever had and it didn’t disappear on me during the day. I have dry skin so I was initially worried that the soft matte formula would accentuate my dryness but it doesn’t at all. The only thing I’ve noticed is that if I wear it every day for several days in a row my skin does seem to get a little drier so I make sure to moisturize well and not wear it for too long consecutively. My favorite way to apply the foundation is with my Kat Von D foundation brush but I love it applied with a Beauty Blender as well.

I also ordered the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer ($ US/$ CAD) in Fenty Glow because, of course, I needed to order something else to get free shipping! It looked so amazing on everyone I’d seen review it that I had to try it for myself. The formula feels amazing on the lips and smells delicious. I’m not sure what the scent is but it’s heavenly. While the gloss doesn’t feel sticky on my lips I did run into trouble with my hair getting stuck in my gloss. If that is an issue you struggle with be aware. The shimmering rose nude shade is meant to be universally flattering. The colour was a little more brown on me than I was hoping but it is beautiful nonetheless.

You can see me testing out the products in the video below.

Have you tried anything from Fenty Beauty? What are your favorite products?

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Christa xo

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 I'm Christa, Mindset and Business Coach helping women entrepreneurs create aligned marketing and business strategy that helps them create the impact, income, and feel good flow they deserve!


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