How Badly Do You Want It?

How Badly Do You Want It?

Get motivated to do the damn thing.

You say you want it? You say it’s your calling, your purpose. You’re going to do the damn thing.

But are you? Are you doing the damn thing?

Or are you using every happenstance of life to set you back?

Are you using every inconvenience to hold you back?

Life happens. Shit happens. You aren’t going to let that stop you are you?

Are you making every excuse imaginable to explain how you’re just not ready yet. You’ve got one more thing to finish. One more thing to learn. One more thing to do and THEN you’ll finally be ready?

You say you want it. But how badly do you want it?

There won’t be one big decision or one big moment in your life when everything turns around.

The skies won’t part one day to reveal all the answers, the validation, the confirmation you’ve been waiting for.

There won’t be a day when someone appoints you ready. When someone says “It’s here. It’s time.” 

There won’t be a time when someone finally grants you permission to do the damn thing.

You DECIDE. You stop ignoring what you already know you want. Yes you KNOW what you want! You’ve only been too afraid to admit it to yourself. Too afraid of how uncomfortable the bigness of it all. But you KNOW.

You DECIDE to choose what you want. CLAIM what you want and see that person you long to be. That vision you have of yourself drawing you out of your cozy little shell. You see her. You embrace her. And you start BEing her now.

You take the actions you know she would take.

You make the decisions you know she would make.

You step into BEing her now because that is how you BEcome her.

It doesn’t just happen one day.

It is every minute little daily step and shift in energy that translates into that metamorphosis you’ve been craving.

How badly do you want it?

So… how badly do you want it?

Screw the excuses. Screw the playing small. Screw all the buts…

Stop kidding yourself. There will be no “right” time that appears.

Choose motivation. Choose to get unstuck. Choose action. These are daily choices you make.

Your time is NOW. Your life is NOW. Stop waiting for tomorrow. Stop waiting for whatever the hell it is you’re waiting for and just BE the badass human you want to be. The one you already are.

She is there. Already there waiting to be unleashed. She is sick and tired of hiding. She is sick and tired of being afraid. 

So ask yourself… do your actions, right now, reflect that version of you? Because if they don’t… that is the only thing standing in your way.

This is your life. This day. This moment. This breath. 

Live it. Love it. Embrace it.

You are already ready. You don’t need to become ready. You need only activate all that is within you.

I want it. I claim it. It is done.

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