Is It Time to Grow Your Audience and Income with Paid Advertising?

Is It Time to Grow Your Audience and Income with Paid Advertising?

The short answer… YES.

It is always the right time to start using paid advertising to grow your audience and income in your online business.

Whether you just started your business, or you’ve been working at scaling your business organically for years, it’s still the ideal time to start incorporating paid advertising into your marketing efforts.

YES, even for those of you who have been successful at growing your business and client base organically.

One of the things that always has me shaking my head is seeing entrepreneurs out there shunning the idea of paid advertising like it’s some kind of dirty word.

Or seeing successful business owners out there flaunting how they’ve done it all organically and wearing it like some sort of badge of pride.

Meanwhile I’m sitting here thinking “good for you! That’s amazing you’ve achieved all that organically. Now just IMAGINE how much you could scale your business and the positive impact you’re having in the world if you supported that effort with advertising.”

Then there are the entrepreneurs out there struggling to get themselves seen. They know they have an incredible gift or skill to share. They know they have something that people out there need that can improve their lives in some way. They are bending over backwards trying to grow their audience and even trying sketchy practices like aggressively hitting up peoples DMs, yet for some reason advertising is the thing that feels icky to them.


Paid advertising is not some sort of means to scam people out of their hard earned money. Although I think many people have this sort of perception of it because, like with absolutely everything and anything out there in the world, there are a few bad apples.

Investing in paid advertising is simply HELPING the people who need what you have to offer have the OPPORTUNITY to discover you.

I can’t tell you how often the words “I’m so happy to have stumbled upon you. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” are uttered to someone who has gotten in front of their ideal client because of a paid ad.

There is a HUGE VAST World out there. Regardless of how much amazing content you create and how often you go out and be helpful in posts in other people’s Facebook groups or go live on social media you are still fighting an uphill battle to be seen.

Can you grow a successful business 100% organically. Of course you can! But wouldn’t you like to invest your time and effort into incredible organic impact and then put a little money behind it to 100X it’s reach and help even more of your dream people benefit from it? Why the hell not right?! There are people out there right now that will absolutely LOVE what you do, but the chances of them randomly discovering you is slim to none. Why not give them a little helping hand?

Now let’s talk about growing a following. Trying to grow a social media following or growing your email list is A LOT OF WORK. It is an endless hustle for followers.

But here’s the thing. I don’t care how many tens of thousands of followers, or heck hundreds of thousands of followers, you accumulate online it doesn’t change one simple FACT.

Followers do not pay the bills.

Followers do not = customers and clients.

Do I think growing a large following is a bad thing? Of course not! But I can promise you that it is totally possible to amass a large following for your business and still have an empty bank account to show for it.

I’ve grown large social media accounts as an influencer.

I’ve grown my email list offering amazing free ebooks, challenges, and masterclasses.

It does not in any way guarantee that when it comes time to sell something to those people that they are going to buy.

Hell they may even have the nerve to get mad at you for trying to sell to them.

I see this all the time with entrepreneurs. I’m willing to bet you may have experienced this yourself. The follower that get’s all up in arms and pissed off because you had the gall to actually try to sell something to them and earn an income.

Growing a list exclusively of “freebie seekers” can spell disaster and disappointment for many entrepreneurs.

I’m not suggesting you never offer free value to your community. Of course that is a valuable thing to do. 

But I can tell you that the month I started using paid advertising and self liquidating offer funnels in my business is the month that I went from totally unpredictable and sometimes nonexistent income in my business to grossing a minimum of 5 figures monthly.

March of 2020, when the good ‘ol virus hit and shit hit the proverbial fan, ended up being the month that everything changed for me DRAMATICALLY for the better. It was the beginning of hitting 6 figures in my business in just over 6 months.

Growing my audience with paying customers changed everything for me.

Getting clear on my business model changed everything for me.

Creating an offer strategy that resulted in return customers and offers that sold themselves instead of the stopping and starting of hit and miss launches changed everything for me.

Establishing a solid foundation for success in my business changed everything for me.

This is just a piece of the 6 pillars of building an online business foundation for 6 figure success you’ll establish for yourself in the Bold Boss Empire Academy. Get on the waitlist now.

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