Business Intensive





A Strategy Intensive Session For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Ready To Map Out Their Business Systems And Marketing Strategy

When working with clients for business and marketing strategy consulting or done for you funnel building and marketing services I always start things off with a Stand Out and Scale Strategy Intensive. I can’t possibly throw some one size fits all type package proposal at you without knowing more about you and your business. It’s so important that you have a plan customized exclusively for your unique business and that’s exactly what this intensive provides.

I mean let’s face it. There’s no point going all in creating a funnel for an offer without first making sure that offer is the right fit for your business right now and that that offer is a hell yes for your ideal clients.

So the intensive is a 3 phase solution.

Phase 1

First you’ll complete a questionnaire about your business. Your goals, your audience and clients, your industry. It’s a very detailed questionnaire so it’ll likely take you about 30-45 minutes to complete. I’m going to take all the information from that survey and do research before we hop on the intensive call.

So during the 2 hour stand out and scale strategy intensive we’ll dive deep into your business and look at things like:

  • How to make your business, and what you offer, stand out and sell.
  • What your offers are and how they fit into your customers journey and your value ladder.
  • The systems you can establish to streamline your business.
  • Where the gaps are in your business model and how to fill them.
  • What offer you want to be focusing on right now and what kind of funnel will support it and map that out.
  • How you’re bringing in traffic to your offers.

Phase 2

Following our 2 hour intensive session I’m going to take all of the valuable insight and information gained from your pre-intensive questionnaire, my research, and our call together to put together a really comprehensive report that will be a full blueprint on your business and marketing strategy for your business. You’ll be able to take this report and use it as your plan for growing your online business. You can DIY things and implement the plan yourself or you can implement it with the support of people on your team, or the help of myself or another marketing specialist.

Phase 3

And the 3rd phase is that after our call I’m going to take a few days to put together a really comprehensive report of everything we’ve discussed on the call that will be a full blueprint on your strategy for implementing your goals and funnel for your business. It will break down everything that needs to be implemented so you have a path to follow. You can of course decide to implement it on your own if you’re a DIYer or perhaps you have team members that can execute it for you. I’ll also include a proposal on the report of what it will look like to have me continue supporting you with your business strategy and even what it would look like for me to implement the plan for you should you like to continue working together.

Having this plan is going to mean:

You get to focus your energy and time on serving your clients at the highest level and truly creating experiences that put you in demand by allowing you to over deliver and truly create amazing results for them.

You can stop the constant shiny object syndrome and bouncing from idea to idea and launch to launch and actually commit to creating something outstanding and continuing to optimize and improve it rather than never knowing what to focus on next.