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Online Business Management and Strategy Consulting

1:1 Consulting + Business Management

I take a very hands on approach as a business strategist. I don’t believe in offering just advice on a cookie cutter solution or method, and instead work with you individually to figure out the best approach for your unique business. I help you not only clarify your business goals and vision but go beyond that to actually developing the systems, plans and actions to achieve them as well as implement the data measurement, launch plans, and digital marketing analysis to see what’s working and what’s not so you can amplify what’s yielding results and stop wasting time, money, and energy on what’s not.

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, Accredited OBM (Online Business Manager), and Funnel Gorgeous Certified Master Marketer and Funnel Builder my experience and extensive training in digital marketing, offer strategy, sales funnels, traffic, analytics & data, and systems & automations give me the unique ability to truly see the big picture of your business and how all the pieces fit together and optimize your business and marketing strategies.

Online Business Management and Strategy Consulting includes:

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly Checkins
  • Ongoing Communication & Support via Email/Voxer
  • Systems Building & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Monitoring Metrics & Analysis
  • Project & Team Management
  • Recruiting & Vetting Employees/Contractors
  • Strategizing & Monitoring Revenue Generating Activities
  • Industry and Market Research
  • Launch Management

Implementation Included in Online Business Management may include a combination of:

  • Sales Funnels & Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Membership Area Setup
  • Facebook Ads Setup
  • Ecommerce Setup & Website Integration
  • Website Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Sales Pages and Landing Pages
  • Graphic Design
  • Creating & Managing Affiliate Areas & Sales
  • Autoresponders and Automated Email Sequences
  • Migrating existing email sequences, funnels, and/or products to new platforms
  • Maintaining sales and traffic tracking and optimization
  • Establishing marketing data analysis and build outs of custom analytics dashboards

Available Retainer Package Tiers

All of our Online Business Management and Strategy Consulting Retainers include 1:1 Consulting and Business and Project Management include Monthly Strategy Sessions, Weekly Check Ins, and Ongoing Communication & Support via Email/Voxer. The base package is a good fit for most businesses. If you have a lot of implementation heavy projects you would like to include in your package, or you have a large team and extensive projects needing management than the Expand and Scale tiers may be a better fit.

Base (Grow) – Online Business Management and Implementation Services Monthly Retainer ($1,800 USD)

(Based on approx. 20 hours/month workload.)

ExpandOnline Business Management and Implementation Services Monthly Retainer ($2,750 USD)

This plan is ideal for businesses actively implementing new systems, building out new funnels or website refreshes, or actively launching. (Based on approx. 30 hours/month workload.)

ScaleOnline Business Management and Implementation Services Monthly Retainer ($3,750 USD)

This plan is for businesses launching, marketing, and implementing team changes on a larger or expedited scale. If you typically need daily support and have multiple concurrent projects on the go. (Based on approx. 40 hours/month workload.)

What My Clients Are Saying

Before I started working with Christa I was struggling to manage a busy psychotherapy practice while launching a coaching platform and trying to navigate an on-line presence. I had a horrible website and my efforts to do the digital work myself were clumsy and unprofessional.  I did not have the time or expertise to create an on-line course, website, branding and so on – everything I needed to bring my business to the next level. I needed someone to ‘get it’ and hit the ground running. 

I have actually cried on a couple of occasions when looking at my on-line, course, web-site and branding because it is so soul-aligned with my vision for my business and how I want people to see me. I have far less stress in my work day and I can focus on helping clients and creating content. Christa deeply understood what was needed for my business and executed that with skill and creativity. There has been an increase in inquiries about my work and many more opportunities for collaboration and networking. 

Christa is professional, dynamic and fun to work with! She works collaboratively, respectfully and is inspiring. 

I think the most important system I have is both the website and the email list! These automations make running a business and creating sales considerably easier, more professional and better organized! 

I believe Christa’s unique gift is to really hear you, really see your vision, and bring that to life in a way that is fun and exciting!

Stacey Sanderson, B.S.W.,M.A.,R.S.W.,R.P. ~ Sanderson Psychotherapy/Inquire Within Holistic Coaching

Working with Christa is truly a delight- playful, creative, fun and honestly I feel like we make magic together! She is fast and succinct with responses and always keeps me on track!

She was able to take my vision in my mind and create it into reality! I knew we were meant to create more together. I decided to revamp my signature program and again, worked with Christa in reorganizing the course, creating funnels, redesigning the sales page and more which led me into working with her for business and marketing strategy consulting for the program. Having her guide me in all areas makes things simple and creative for me.

I also love that she is willing to teach me how to do things myself! I love learning how to do as much as possible myself and she easily guides you via Loom videos. This is so empowering for me!

It is all about the relationship. We are co-creating. I feel like through the relationship we’ve built, she truly knows “me”; my ideal client, my heart and soul work in the world, my voice, etc. and can easily guide me, create, and implement the business strategies we’re working on.

Kelly Bradley ~ Healing Lifestyle Design


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Benefits of Choosing a Retainer Package

  • Create a lasting relationships with someone who knows your business on a deeper level.
  • Have your work prioritised as an ongoing client.
  • Better budget your outsourcing expenses.
  • More flexibility in how you choose to prioritize the work done.

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