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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box July 2018 + Bonus Box Review


I have been wanting an essential oil brand that I could turn to, and that could be “my brand”, for a while now. I have a mish-mash of all different brands of essential oils that I’ve been picking up over the years. The OCD part of me wants to have everything more cohesive and organized. A brand that I am confident is high quality but is also affordable. I won’t get into all the reasons why, but I’ve avoided the big MLM brands thus far.

I am so happy to have discovered Simply Earth. Well, to be fair they discovered me and reached out. I am delighted they did! Simply Earth offers 100% Pure essential oils with a 365 day money back guarantee. Most of the oils are priced between $7.99 to $12.99 USD. So affordable! They also donate 13% of profits to help fight human trafficking.

Simply Earth offers a HUGE array of single essential oils as well as blends, roll-ons, diffusers, and other household items and accessories. They also offer a monthly subscription which is what I will be talking about today. And I am super freakin excited about it!

Make sure you get my promo code at the bottom of this post!

The Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is only $39 USD and it includes four essential oils (full size which for most oils is 15ml) along with fun extras, recipe cards for creating your own blends, roll-ons, skincare, scrubs, soaks, etc., and stickers to use as labels for your creations. All of this including free shipping! I think this is such an incredible value! I checked with a leading essential oil company and the same four oils retailed for $110 USD!

And it get’s even BETTER! If you subscribe quarterly, rather than monthly, it’s only $45 for the quarter (3 months)! I can’t get over what a great value this is!

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box July 2018

The July 2018 Essential Oil Recipe Box includes the following essential oils:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemongrass
  • Spearmint
  • Sleepy Blend
  • plus a Car Diffuser!

July 2018 Essential Oil Recipe Box Recipes and Lables

Now here is where things get really exciting! With your first Recipe Box you will also receive the Big Bonus Box worth over $50 when you start your subscription. The Big Bonus Box includes SO MUCH STUFF! And this is where the fun really lies. This box gives you all the supplies you need to take your love of essential oils to a new level. I have always wanted to get more adventurous with my oils. So far the most creative I would get would be to make blends in my diffuser by adding drops of various oils into the diffuser. Any topical blends, diffuser blends, and roll-ons I own I purchased as such. Now I can make my own! And so much more! Candles, scrubs, soaks, body butters, and more! I am so excited to start playing the mad scientist and creating my own concoctions! Not only do the monthly boxes come with recipes but their website also has recipes listed with the info on each oil. They offer so much info on each oil included where it is sourced, how it smells, how it looks, whether it’s safe for children and pregnant and nursing moms, and also which oils it blends well with. You will feel much more confident in creating your own recipes!

The Big Bonus Box includes everything you need to get through the next six recipe boxes including carrier oil, solid oil, beeswax, and so many containers.

Big Bonus Box

6 Roll-On Bottles

6 5ml Essential Oil Bottles

30ml (I believe) Dropper Bottle

2 Spray Bottles / Pump Bottle / Flip Top Bottle

2 Small Jars

Plastic Tub / Large Glass Jar / Clear Topped Tin

3 nasal inhalers containers

4 lip balm containers

Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil


Just imagine all the fun things you will be able to create and really utilize your essential oils to the fullest!

Simply Earth Essential Oil Diffuser


I also received the Simply Earth Oil Diffuser ($49.99 USD) which is an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser + Air Purifier. It holds 200ml of water and is designed for about 250 square feet of coverage. It’s perfect for my office and for our bedrooms. It’s beautifully quiet, BPA free, and has auto shut off for safety. The fun part is you can turn on the cycling of six colours for a more playful look or keep things clean and simple with it’s sleek natural design and white glow.

Simply Earth July 2018 Essential Oil Recipe Box + Bonus Box Video Review

I shared the unboxing of my recipe box in a Facebook Live Video in the Realizing Beauty Renegades Facebook Group and have uploaded it to YouTube so you can see just how amazing this subscription box really is.

I highly recommend Simply Earth. I think it’s not only an incredible value on high quality pure essential oils in a fun monthly subscription but it also encourages us to fully utilize and experiment with using essential oils in new ways. I am beyond impressed and happy to have had this introduced into my life! If you would like to subscribe to your the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box use code REALIZINGBEAUTYFREE to receive your Big Bonus Box with your order PLUS a $20 Gift Card that can be used on future purchases (including your next box)! There is no time commitment to subscribe but I know you’re not going to want to leave. This is just to fun!

Simply Earth ships to the US and Canada!

Find out more about Lemongrass Essential Oil and my homemade (and INSANELY effective) bug repellant recipe here!

Discover the August 2018 box here!

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Christa xo

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 I'm Christa, Mindset and Business Coach helping women entrepreneurs create aligned marketing and business strategy that helps them create the impact, income, and feel good flow they deserve!


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