Stop Expecting the Worst! 6 Tips for Being Optimistic for Your Future

Are you always expecting the worst? Do you struggle to believe that the Universe has your back and trust that good things are coming your way? Some of us find it easier than others to be optimistic. Especially when you are going through particularly rough times just the thought of cultivating optimism can feel exhausting, or even impossible. But trust me when I say it is possible! Even in your darkest times, you can look forward with anticipation to a bright future.

Keep these suggestions in mind to help nurture your optimism:

What is reality showing you?

It’s easier to be optimistic when a positive outcome is likely, but sometimes we need to face the facts and acknowledge that something has to change. There may be something that you need to let go of or take action towards.

Taking initiative to create positive action in your life to create a better outcome boosts your optimism because you stop being the helpless victim of your life’s circumstances and start taking responsibility for what you can control.


Take a good look at the issues, situations and times in your life that you have to be optimistic about. Instead of half-heartedly chasing after so many things, some of which may be more unlikely than others, try focusing your energy on what’s most important to you and most lights you up. What are you really passionate about? It’s hard to be optimistic about something you just aren’t that devoted to.

The future is not guaranteed

How many times in your past has a situation yielded an unexpected outcome? Probably more than you can count! And many of those were probably positive experiences, too.

Even if life seems full of situations that look less-than-promising, you never know what may actually end up happening. The Universe knows what is in the interest of our highest good more than we do. When you open your mind, you’re in a better emotional position to find optimism. And you’re wise to expect the best, because new possibilities lay around every corner. It’s often when we find a door slammed in our face that a window opens to an opportunity that is far greater than anything we could have ever tried to imagine.

Stay focused on your own passions

When we do what we love, we feel joy, and joy generates optimism.

Whether you play a musical instrument, creating art, or enjoy pursuing any other activity, be sure to set aside time in your week for your hobby. If you can, enjoy some “me” time each day. If you can incorporate your passions into your work life that’s even better. Spend time reflecting on what really makes you happy and commit to spending more time doing it.

Practicing your craft, hobby, or passion will help prevent you from expecting our happiness and hopes and dreams to be fulfilled by another person, place, or thing. All the joy you need is within you and you’ll rediscover this moment by moment as you do what you love.

Following your bliss also helps keep you in the present. The past has already passed. And the future hasn’t come yet. All you have this moment. Don’t you want to make the most of it? When you do, your future almost invariably turns out to be more to your liking!

Open yourself to new possibilities

Maybe you were expecting a promotion that never came. Or perhaps you even lost your job. Now is a great time to explore other opportunities. The most devastating thing I though could happen to me 8 years ago resulted in me finally embracing what I truly wanted in life. Our biggest blessings in life often come disguised as struggles.

Although you undoubtedly were looking forward to whatever didn’t happen, or were happy to avoid what did, the truth is that the future is in your hands.

Maybe you always wanted to try freelancing or making something with your hands for a living. Now is the time to run in that direction. Nothing is stopping you anymore, not even waiting around for a different dream to come to pass. Sometimes when we don’t take the action our soul is calling us to take the Universe creates the opportunity for it to happen in a much more abrupt way.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Whether you make use of your social network, hire a life coach, or see a licensed counselor, other people are there to support you as you move toward your next adventure. Sometimes all we need is a place to be heard and a sense of commitment and accountability. If you do find yourself feeling really depressed, and nothing seems to ease it, you may want to check out professional counseling services. Therapists are trained to walk people through all sorts of life transitions and can definitely help you get back to a more stable footing.

Although Alexander Pope wrote, “Hope springs eternal,” you may also find it wise to recognize where to place your optimism and how to rediscover that feeling when you’re down.

If you open your mind to new possibilities and explore the tips above, you’ll be delighted to find that, once again, you’re looking toward the future with optimism and excitement!

What are your favorite ways to maintain an optimistic attitude?

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