The Best Launch Method for Your Next Offer, Program, or Coaching Package

There are so many ways to launch your next (or signature) offer. And for every launch method there is an online guru out there trying to sell you their secret weapon that is THE answer to all your entrepreneurial woes.

Maybe it’s offering your product year round with an evergreen on demand webinar.

Maybe it’s big production closed cart launches where you only make your offer available a few times a year that you launch with a live webinar.

Maybe it’s bringing your ideal clients in through a low ticket offer and ascending them to your higher ticket offers.

Maybe it’s only offering high ticket and selling it through discovery calls with you or a sales team.

Maybe you launch it through solely organic strategies and selling in the DMs.

Maybe it’s selling through a particular advertising strategy.

There are courses, group programs, and 1:1 coaching that help entrepreneurs learn how to use one of these or many other methods to help grow and scale their business. Shiny object syndrome is real for entrepreneurs and it’s paralyzing! There are so many opportunities and ways of doing things that it can be impossible to know what the right method is.

Business owners hop from one strategy to another watching webinars, downloading freebies, listening to interviews and on and on getting all fired up hearing about a new way of launching and selling that they haven’t tried before and thing YES! This is the answer! This will be the thing that finally brings me the success I’ve been longing for.

I could go on and on with examples of ways to market your business and launch your offer. But you’re here reading this because you want to know the “only launch method that will work for your course or coaching program” right?

Well, here’s the truth.

All of these methods work. There are countless ways of running your online business out there and there are thousands of people seeing success with any and all of these strategies. I’m sure you’re already following a lot of them!

There is no one right way. For you. For me. For anybody else. 

There isn’t some perfect solution waiting around the corner for you to discover.

Any strategy can and does work.

There are people out there that will buy off a live webinar. There are also people out there that will never attend a live webinar in their life.

There are people out there that love to connect via DM and build relationships and will then invest in a program or coaching. There are also people out there who will get skeeved out and run for the hills when a stranger hits up their DMs.

There are people out there who will buy after getting to know you in a Facebook group, from YouTube, your Podcast, from Instagram stories, from TikTok, or any other platform.

There are people out there who will invest five figures to work with you after a discovery call and there are people out there who will agonize over investing $500 on your next offer after speaking with you. There are also people who have zero interest in getting on a sales call and just want what you’ve got!

There is no one perfect launch method for your business that is the answer to getting the sales and the results that you want.


Want to be more hands off? Then be more hands off.

Want to be more intimate? Then build those relationships.

There are people out there who will respond to any number of “launch methods”. So why are you bending over backwards trying to implement something you think “they” want or will respond to. Why are you allowing someone to convince you that their way is the only way? If it doesn’t feel good to you then it’s not going to feel good to your potential clients and customers either.

The only launch method that will work for you is the one that feels aligned. The one that you can fully get behind executing. Even if it may feel uncomfortable or be a big stretch for you. It has to be a launch method that you feel excited about, even if it may feel hard.

It must be a launch method that supports your personality and values.

It has to be a launch method that supports your vision for your life and business.

It has to be a launch method that you can commit to and stick with long enough to see results and keep tweaking until you get those results.

That is the method that will naturally attract the RIGHT people for YOU. That is the only thing that matters.

Well… that and that you are actually aligned with what it is you are launching in the first place.

So what does that require? Well it requires you being self aware. It requires you knowing what the heck it is you actually want and what feels aligned for you and what doesn’t.

It requires you committing to something and following through on the actions to make it happen. And trust me this is soooo much easier to do when it’s something that you are actually aligned with. Like I said… it may still feel scary and it may still feel hard but if it still feels aligned then the confidence and courage to follow through can come.

So stop fretting trying to find some magic pill. Decide what the heck it is you want and how you want it to look and make it happen.

Maybe over all your time as an entrepreneur you’ve already learned the method that feels right for you. SO go for it! If you don’t have what you need to make it happen then seek it out. If you need support discovering the right method for you then seek out a coach or mentor (like me!) that can help you find YOUR aligned path and isn’t fixated on pushing one agenda. But stop being distracted from the aligned path for you, or forcing yourself to do something that you know doesn’t feel right.

It can all work… but it only works if you choose it, implement it, and stick with it. 

I’d love to hear what launch method is YOUR favorite. What makes it feel most aligned for you? Are you using it in your business right now? Are you still looking for what feels most aligned for you?

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