The Best Way To Connect To Your Inner Voice

Spending time alone encourages us, and enables us, to listen to our inner voice. It is something worth prioritizing in our lives. Many of us avoid spending time alone, but being alone does not equal loneliness. Spending time alone allows us to connect to our inner voice and our higher self.


I choose to spend time alone to connect to my inner voice.

There is beauty in solitude. It allows us to become closer to who we are at a soul level. It gives us the space to hear positive guidance from our inner voice. This is the voice that keeps us grounded and honest. Its messages hold great value and insight.

Quiet time allows us to shift from any feelings of doubt and anxiety to a feeling of confidence. It gives us a window through which to contemplate things.


Whenever I feel frustrated, I take a step back and breathe.

Deep breathing relaxes us. When we are relaxed we are reminded that there are always answers when we take the time to look for them and listen for our inner voice.

Our inner voice also reminds us to be patient when expecting results. Although we have a timeframe in mind for when we want to find solutions, we can accept that things happen at the right time instead of “our” time. Everything in divine timing.

In the quietness, we can focus on gratitude. Even when we are searching for answers, we can think about all the times they present themselves. We can trust that there is a way.

You can look in the mirror each day and encourage yourself to hold on to faith. Tell yourself to smile through the challenges because they are only temporary and often hold blessings in disguise as lessons.


Today, I know that my alone time is reassurance time. It is my opportunity to uplift myself and refocus away from negative thoughts. I can trust in my own inner voice to guide me.

Journal Prompts

  1. What words of encouragement do/can I say to myself?
  2. When do I rely on my inner voice?
  3. How do I know when it is time to choose an alternate path?
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