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You can create massive change in your life through small daily actions.


They don’t know where to start when it comes to self care. They know there's more to self care than face masks and bubble baths but what does that even look like?

Many women long to be happier. They think that once they accomplish this, or get that, or find the right person... then they'll be happy. but there's a huge problem.

Most women don't realize that being happy is a choice. They don't understand the incredible power they have to create the life that they are longing for. 

Many women will never take the reins in their life and start controlling the narrative. Why?

They don’t know what actual actions they can take to create change in their life. They keep reading the self help books, watching motivational talks, binging the inspirational quotes, getting inspired and fired up, but now what? How can they create a habit?

They feel like they don’t have the time because they mistakenly think they need to be spending hours a day meditating and journaling to see results. 

But the longer you keep putting choosing yourself off, the worse things get...

Your frustration, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction leads you to thinking there’s something wrong with your life. Something wrong with you. Why can’t you just show up for yourself? Why can't it be enough? Why can't you be happy?


You find yourself lying awake in bed at night worried about the future. You begin losing confidence in yourself. Thinking you’ll never do enough or have enough to feel like you’ve gotten ahead and can start actually enjoying your life.

And, worst of all, every day you're not taking time for your own wellbeing, your belief you can create positive change in your life starts sinking even more and you begin feeling buried under the seemingly unescapable weight of it all. 

That's when I discovered the secret...

... the small daily actions I'd been taking were creating massive changes in how I felt and experienced my life. It was once I started choosing myself and my own wellbeing first that I started seeing the outside changes in my life I'd been striving for for so long.

I'm on a mission to help other women choose themselves too. That's why I created...


The Happiness Habit

I finally found the happiness I was striving for in life. And it didn't at all come in the way I expected. It didn't come after I'd achieved what I was pushing for. It came once I chose it. Once I chose happiness and chose myself by prioritizing a daily ritual of self-care and personal growth.

You feel like you’ve tried everything, from pre-set printed planners, books, online courses, randomly fitting in a meditation or journal practice, trying to squeeze in a little me time here and there but you just keep seeming to fall off track.

Or maybe you've created a morning plan only to fail with actually implementing it or getting bored with it within a week.

Your heart sinks realizing another month has passed with you running in circles doing everything for everyone else and somehow managing to waste what precious free time you did have for yourself, mindlessly scrolling your social media feed while feeling stressed out and unfulfilled.

You don’t have any more time OR money to waste on things that aren’t working, like those empty gratitude and productivity planners and unread books piling up on your nightstand, and monthly subscription tools you never seem to utilize.

Sound familiar...

There's another way...

What's the secret?

Create a habit of happiness through a self care and personal growth ritual in a way never seen before!

Drag & Drop


Drag and Drop your journal prompts, gratitude, affirmations, meditation and more into your day to make a customized ritual all your own. You can make each day unique to keep your routine feeling fresh and fun.

100% Customizable ~ How you build your daily routine is totally up to you. Make it different every day or follow a routine. Try new things and have fun! With meditations, gratitude, journaling, affirmations, your to do lists, daily movement, and more you'll never get bored! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Over 500 Journal Prompts ~ Journaling can be one of the most impactful parts of your daily ritual. You'll never wonder what to journal about again with over 500 categorized prompts to choose from. Whether you want to journal in your fave notebook or in the builder we have you covered!

Drag & Drop ~ Choose from an impressive menu of self-care and personal development practices that feel fun for the day. You get to choose depending on how much time you feel like spending and what lights you up most. Plus you can add your own. There's no special software or download required.

Feel confident knowing you're taking steps towards even more happiness, peace, and success each and every day.

Understand and accept yourself more.

Fire that hamster running in the wheel in your head and experience balance and calm.

Become more present and engaged in your life.

Manage your stress.

Improve your sleep and your level of happiness.

How would your life be different if you could....

Imagine sitting in the morning with a hot coffee/tea in your hands with a smile on your face knowing that the day hasn’t even begun and you’re already feeling positive and motivated for the day ahead. You’re feeling calm and at peace. You realize you haven't heard that negative voice in your head barely at all lately. You're inspired by all the insights you've been getting and feel on purpose to move forward with the rest of your day in alignment.
How would it feel to be able to look back a month from now with pride at how your wellbeing has finally become a priority in your life and you continue to be amazed at the ease with which your days have been flowing? You can’t even remember the last time you felt overwhelmed or had to lie in bed awake at night fretting about something. 

You feel like you are living with intention and happiness and feel gratitude for how focusing on the positives, rather than stressing about the what-ifs, is your new default.


Dive deeper into learning how the different aspects of your daily practice can shift your mindset, lower stress levels, and boost happiness and success with the provided course content on Gratitude, Self Reflection, Self-Awareness and Personal Discovery and more OR just dive right into building your customized daily practice in the builder!

This is your ritual. It's up to you!

Take time for you...

Drag & Drop Transformational RItual Builder

Whether you prefer to throw it together in the morning or plan out your ritual the night before or for the week ahead, it's quick, easy, and FUN to drag & drop the activities you'll do for your daily transformational morning routine. Every day can be different or you can discover favorite combinations you can turn to again and again. The options are endless and totally up to YOU!

Drag & Drop your way to a better day!


I spent years striving to attain happiness. I was unhappy, unsatisfied, and overwhelmed.

I finally decided to stop focusing on my exterior world for happiness and instead direct my attention within. To do the work I'd been so busy distracting myself from for so long.

Through choosing myself, taking small actions, and making small changes every day I finally started figuring out who I was and what I really wanted.

And it was these small changes that gracefully snowballed into completely shifting how I saw and experienced my life. It no longer became something I had to do every day and instead became who I am. By choosing happiness first, the confidence and success I'd pushed so hard for for so long ended up flowing in with ease.

Everything around you doesn't have to change for you to be happy. It all starts on the inside!



So what does it include?

Your Drag & Drop Transformational Morning Ritual Builder can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Drag & Drop Ritual Builder

In your drag & drop builder you can choose from over 500 Journal Prompts, 400 Affirmations, Meditation, Movement, To Do Lists, Custom Items + more to include in your day.

Journal Prompts Affirmations +

6 Modules of Personal Growth & Self Care video content and downloadable guides. Including topics like Gratitude, Self Awareness, Mindfulness + more.

Online Course

The possibilities are endless & totally up to you!


Using the Happiness Habit

This module shares with you how to access and use your The Happiness Habit Drag & Drop Transformational Morning Ritual Builder tool.

You'll also discover how powerful a tool journaling is in your personal growth and self care routine putting your growth and transformation into your own hands.


6 Module Online Course

Practicing gratitude

Module two is all about shifting to an attitude of gratitude.

• Create a daily journaling practice that is scientifically proven to boost your level of happiness.
• Explore journaling that is proven to improve your sleep.
• Learn about journaling that will improve your relationship.

module 2

Self Awareness & Personal Discovery

In this module you'll learn how to get to know and understand yourself in a way you never have before.

• Learn how to uncover why you do the things that you do (or don’t do) the things that you do.
• Know how you got to where you are in life and how you can get where you want to go.

module 3

Self Reflection

In this module you'll be focusing on establishing a daily tool that will accelerate your level of personal growth and success. 

• Helps you build more confidence and make  better decisions.
• Learn how to make the most of opportunities, past and present.

Module 4


Discover why affirmations are such a powerful part of your Happiness Habit. Learn how to effectively use affirmations.

You have over 400 affirmations in your Drag & Drop builder but this module will also teach you how to create effective and targeted affirmations of your own.

module 5

mindfulness meditation

Learn about one of my favorite forms of mindfulness, mindfulness meditation.

Even if you can on fit a few minutes of meditation into your day, this method will work wonders to reduce stress and increase calm and presence.

module 6

I'm all in!

Worried you won't stick to The Happiness Habit? The Happiness Habit Helper has you covered! You have the option of activating The Happiness Habit Helper to receive daily reminders and prompts to help keeping you on track.

Bonus 1: THe Happiness Habit Helper (Value $47)

Plus these amazing bonuses!

The beauty of The Happiness Habit is that it's completely individual and customizable. But we know that sometimes it can feel a little easier to get started when you have and example to model.
That's why we created a variety of done-for-you example days.

Bonus 3: DONE FOR YOU ROUTINES (Value $47)

No more being your own worst enemy. Your choosing to create your own Happiness Habit and there's no letting self sabotage stand in your way. Break out of your uncomfortable "comfort zone" by understanding and combating self sabotage with this bonus guide.

Bonus 2: Stop Self Sabotage guide
(Value $27)

All this for only $37!

The Happiness Habit

your drag & drop transformational ritual + Online course

One Time of Only $37

The Happiness Habit

your drag & drop transformationaL ritual + Online course

One Time of Only $37

What they're saying...

This is for you if...

Going to the spa or taking a bubble bath just isn't cutting it. You're ready for a deeper level of self care that works!

You're ready to say goodbye to excuses, and negative patterns.

You don't want yet another year to go by where things haven't changed.

You've tried journaling, mediation etc. but haven't managed to stick with it on a regular basis. 

You've wanted to incorporate personal growth and self-care practices into your life but have no idea where to start. 

That's Me!

Why create a happiness habit?

Because happiness is not a result. It’s not the outcome of better or more stuff. True self-care is choosing to grow and evolve. Happiness is a choice and a way of living. By taking daily actions that foster more gratitude, appreciation, growth, and self-acceptance you are creating a habit of happiness. And this habit spills over outside of your daily ritual. It shifts how you think. It shifts how you perceive and experience your life. It changes how you respond to life and how life responds to you. It creates the habit, the way of BEing, that is happiness and fulfillment. And when you start feeling happy, THAT is when the things you desire manifest. Not the other way around. The time is now to choose happiness

The Happiness Habit

your drag & drop transformational ritual + Online course

One Time of Only $37

When do I get Access?

You will receive access immediately after your purchase to your membership portal with all of the files and videos. And you'll have access for life.

Do I Have to Download Anything or require Special Software?

No! The Drag & Drop Builder and Course Content are all hosted online using Trello. You can access it from any device and you don't have to worry about downloading or installing anything.

Do I have to pay $37 every month?

No! This is a one-time fee of $37 and you get unlimited access and access to any updates to the program. I know! Crazy right?

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

Taking small daily actions towards happiness does work. But the best part don’t even have to believe us!

If you've put The Happiness Habit Transformational Ritual Builder and course content into action and you’re not satisfied after 7 days we'll offer you a full refund.

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One Time of Only $37

The Happiness Habit

your drag & drop transformationaL ritual + Online course

One Time of Only $37

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