The Stories We Tell Ourselves Shape Our Lives

What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back?

Stories that stop you sometimes before you even get started.

What stories have you already told yourself today before you read this?

Maybe they’re stories about what is and isn’t possible for you.Stories about what you’re just not good at.

Stories about things that are wrong with you or make you too “different” for what you desire to be possible.

Some of my “go to” stories throughout my life have been:

“I can’t do that because I’m just not good with people. I suck at small talk.”

“I’ll never have that kind of connection with people. I’d rather be alone. It’s just how I am”

“I always say the wrong thing.”

“People always want something from me. They don’t actually want me.”

“Nothing ever goes right for me.”

We tell ourselves so many stories. And we spend our live fulfilling our own prophecies.

Because the longer you tell yourself a story the more you seek out the proof that it’s true.

The more you shine the spotlight on, and contort things to fit, the narrative you’re telling.

Even as the proof is building up around you to tear your story to shreds you don’t see it. You’re too focused on proving yourself right.

You continue skewing your perspective more and more to support the stories you’re telling yourself.

It’s time to write yourself a new story. It truly is that simple.

What do you choose to believe? What have you been called to and what have you been desiring all this time that has refused to lie down and be quiet?

What if you chose to believe in your desires instead?

What greatness lies within you that has been in quiet protest of these stories you’ve been telling yourself all these years?

It’s time to own the power you wield and pick up that pen with which you write the story of your life and use it as a sword to slash through those stories that have held you back.

And if that feels like too big of a stretch then what if you decided to look at those stories and say “OK, maybe that’s true. But I choose to move through that story, that fear, and do it anyways.”

Embrace the power you have to choose the new stories you are living and start living them.

Your life is now.

Do you choose to live it?

Or do you want to continue cowering in the corner weighed down by the nonsense you tell yourself because you’re afraid of your own power?

Claim the beauty of your rise and embrace all the stumbles along the way.

Live and love the adventure of your life and allow yourself to discover the true depths of what is possible for you.

Don’t waste another moment living in doubt and fear.

Choose to look back a year from now in awe and wonder at how far you’ve come and the strength you’ve shown.


Look back a year from now at how you’ve continued to tell yourself the same old stories and embark on another year, decade, life of living the “woe is me” lie.

There is greatness within you buried beneath your fears. I see her.

You can claw your way out from under them or you can just choose to just let them go and break free.

You’re ready.

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