There Are No Winners In the Blame Game

Are you tired of the blame game?

How much of your life is spent in an attitude of blame?

Blaming where you are, what you haven’t achieved, what your missing out on, what is making you angry, what is making you depressed, what is making you unmotivated, what is making you broke, on other people, your circumstances, or your own so called shortcomings. There is always someone or something to blame for the situation you find yourself in.

That’s called a victim mindset people. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t? Maybe the very idea of it pisses you off because “you’d be pissed off too if you had the life I have”. Well guess what. What has happened to you in your life does not define you. How you CHOOSE to deal with it and show up in your life DOES. I can guarantee you there are people out there who have experienced things as hard as you and more painful than you can possibly imagine yet they are living happy, fulfilled, and rewarding lives. Impossible? Fuck no! It’s a choice. If you want to wallow in powerlessness, regret, and blame, that is your choice and your right. No one has the power to force you out of that mindset but yourself.

You are worthy. You are loved. You are supported. Even if you find yourself completely alone I can assure you this is true. Are you ready to stop feeling like your life’s taking you for a shitty ride and put your hands firmly on the wheel and take back your power? All you have to do is choose. Wake up every morning and choose to see the good, follow your heart, and live your truth. Wake up every morning and make that choice until there is no other choice you could possibly dream of making. This is your life. It’s time you start enjoying it. There really is nothing holding you back but your own ego and excuses.

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