VISION TO STRATEGY VIP DAY Strategic Mapping™ Business Intensive

Do you have a vision for your business but struggle with the strategy, operational, and project management skills to bring those ideas to life?

As a business owner you’re a visionary, an idea-generating machine. Your goals have goals! What you don’t have is a plan. This business intensive VIP day takes your vision, your goals, your ideas, and what’s happening now and evolves it into…

Clarity Direction, and A Plan

…so you can have confidence that the actions you’re taking are bringing you closer to your vision.

It’s time to integrate your big vision into prioritized projects in focus areas that lead to actionable day to day intentional activities in your business. 

Does this sound like you?

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Prior to our time together you’ll fill out an intake form to allow me to get to more familiar with your business and do some pre-VIP Day research.



Mission, Vision, Values and Boundaries

These are the guiding force for your business. The things currently in your business, or ideas and goals that you have, need to align with your MVV and honor your boundaries or they don’t belong in your plan.

Strategic Objectives

To create this strategic plan for your business we’re going to look at several Strategic Objectives designed to understand who you are as a leader and where your business is currently. 

We’ll begin with:

Financial Steadiness: a comprehensive look at the financial, legal, and structural health of your organization.

Visibility: how consumers see and hear about your brand. How you’re meeting prospects at different awareness levels in their journey.



We’ll continue diving into the Strategic Objectives:

Product Development + Innovation: What your business currently offers or sells and any new product(s) you wish to create or add at a future time. What improvements you’d like to make to an existing product or offer. 

Operational Efficiencies: How a business can find ease in their day-to-day operations.

  • Process
  • Systems
  • SOP/Procedures
  • Automations

Team Growth: How to utilize someone else’s talents to help your business grow faster.

Customer Experience: How a customer interacts with you from start to finish.

Growth + Development: What you as the leader needs to professionally move forward.

Once we access your priorities we’ll rank these objectives by priority.

Here’s where the magic really happens…



The morning after your VIP Day you’re going to receive your Strategic Plan. This is a very high level overview of all of the projects required to fill the gaps and achieve your goals in each of the strategic objective areas. I’m going to approach the prioritization of projects taking into account ‘purposeful prioritization’.

What projects are going to create revenue?

What projects will move the business forward?

What projects have been procrastinated on?

Your Annual Plan

The objectives are broken down into prioritized projects organized by quarter in Trello or in your Project Management tool (if you have one). 

Your Quarterly Plan

For the current or upcoming quarter I’m going to dial things in even more. Projects are organized within the quarter by priority (not just prioritized by quarter) and the team’s capacity to fulfill them is taken into consideration.



  • Your Annual Plan and Quarterly Plan – Clarity, Action, and a Plan that is broken down into prioritized projects in Trello or in their project management tool if they use Asana or Clickup.
  • Recordings of all calls.
  • Loom walkthrough of the plan and how to use it.
  • Custom Strategic Mapping PDF
  • Custom Business Value Ladder PDF


Following your VIP Day you’ll receive 7 days of Voxer support to ask questions about your Strategic Mapping plan and accountability to begin implementing it in your business.

Kind words from clients...

Having this plan is going to mean...

You get to focus your energy and time on serving your clients at the highest level and truly creating experiences that put you in demand by allowing you to over deliver and truly create amazing results for them.

You can stop the constant shiny object syndrome and bouncing from idea to idea and launch to launch and actually commit to creating something outstanding and continuing to optimize and improve it rather than never knowing what to focus on next.

Let’s get started!

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VISION TO STRATEGY VIP DAY Strategic Mapping™ Business Intensive
Investment: $1,997 USD

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