What Agreements Are You Ready to Renegotiate in Your Life

The way in which we function in our day to day life and in our relationships is often bound by contracts. Agreements we have, usually unconsciously, made with the people in our lives and with the Universe itself.

You may be utterly confused by that statement, or you may be nodding your head with a sense of deep understanding. Let me try to expand on this notion and hopefully make it a little more relatable. It was actually a comment someone made in a Facebook live video the other day that had me laughing out loud at how perfectly and simply it exemplified this notion of agreements. She was expressing how she and her young son had an “agreement” that he would get the toys out and play with them and then she would clean up the mess. She said she was working on “tearing up that contract” because that arrangement just wasn’t going to work anymore. Amen to that! My son is 9 and he is still enjoying this “agreement”.

This is where awareness and responsibility come into play. We can have the awareness that this is the story that’s playing out. And as part of that awareness must also be embracing that we are responsible for this agreement being in place. We must accept our role in the situation we are in. In this example, which I’m sure many moms are familiar with, our kids made messes, we cleaned them up, our kids expect that that will continue to happen. This is a naturally occurring contract that evolved through action (or lack thereof) and now we are stuck with it until we consciously negotiate a new agreement.

Now take this example and try to see how this sort of situation is playing out in your own life and relationships in countless ways. What are some things that you are unhappy or frustrated with in your dealings with the people in your life? What awareness can you bring to the situation in order to take responsibility for the role you played in creating it, step out of victim mentality, and take back your power to consciously create a new agreement? This goes beyond relationships and leaks out into all areas of our lives and how we expect to experience our lives, relationships, challenges, and opportunities.

Beyond unconscious agreements, we must also look at our expectations. In what ways do you exert expectations on others and on your environment without taking the responsibility of actually making the other party aware of your expectations and being responsible for your own actions in order to ensure a mutually beneficial agreement is being made. Creating expectations without communication or action on your own part is simply a recipe for disappointment. If you find yourself constantly disappointed by the people and the results in your life then this is an important truth become aware of.

What contracts in your life are you ready to rip up or renegotiate? Are you prepared to do your part to rectify the situation?

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