What Are the Gene Keys? Unlocking Your Purpose Through Your DNA

Perhaps you’ve been directed to this post because you’ve heard me or someone else discussing the Gene Keys and your curiosity is piqued. Or maybe you’ve just completely stumbled upon this post. Regardless, welcome! I am so excited you are here and that I have the opportunity to introduce you to teachings that are transforming my life and the lives of so many others.

“Regardless of outer circumstances, every single human being has something beautiful hidden inside them. The sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to bring that beauty forth – to unveil your incandescence, the eternal spark of genius that sets you apart from everyone else.” Richard Rudd

The Gene Keys are not some new kind of spiritual modality. They are not something that will be done to you or for you. The Gene Keys are a tool for unlocking your own highest potential and purpose. Your Hologenetic Profile reveals the unique design of your consciousness. It is like a blueprint for your life revealing your purpose, what you are here to offer the world, the gifts you have to share, the shadows and subconscious patterns that hold you back. It shows you how you can break through what’s been holding you back and realize your highest potential and purpose to become the fullest expression of who you are.

The Gene Keys offer you a map for unlocking your own inner genius. Your gifts. Your purpose. So many of us want someone to just tell us what our purpose is. What are we here to do? What are our gifts? What is possible for me? The fact is you could go to 100 different people, be they psychics, mystics, coaches, psychologists, analysts, you name it, and they could all tell you the same thing and it wouldn’t matter. Why? Because it doesn’t matter until you see it for yourself. Only then will you fully feel it in your soul. Only then will you believe it and trust it’s possible. That is what the Gene Keys can do for you. They are teachings of self-awareness and discovery that not only tell you exactly what all of those things are in your DNA waiting to be unlocked, but they also give you the means of contemplating them and arriving at those realizations yourself. They help you finally see what has been inside you all along. You are met with such deep understanding and compassion for who you are and it’s like everything finally clicks into place. It’s a means of understanding your suffering and transmuting it into your greatest gifts.

You can get your free Hologenetic Profile on the Gene Keys website. You can see an example above. Every human being is born with a unique sacred geometry embedded deeply within their being. This geometry can be plotted through the precise timing and location of your birth in relation to our constantly shifting universe. This same structure holographically encodes your DNA creating your own unique blueprint that describes who you are, how you operate, and why you’re here. Your profile may look utterly confusing at first but as you dive into contemplating your own Gene Keys you will be shocked and amazed to see how perfectly it describes you and your life. You will see the reasons you’ve struggled and the future you’ve felt calling you mirrored back to you.

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The Gene Keys are about “unlocking the higher purpose hidden in your DNA”. You go through a journey of transforming the shadow (the lowest expression of the key) into the Gift (potential) of the key and Siddhi (the highest expression of self).

Most of us are unaware of the shadow frequency we’ve been operating out of because it has become so normalized in society. As we gain awareness of our shadows and embrace them we integrate more of our light and transmute our struggles into our gifts of who we are and start embodying our highest self.

The Gene Keys helps you discover your own genius through the four Prime Gifts. It helps you open your heart in your relationships and life. And it helps you attain the prosperity you’ve been seeking through aligned service. The Gene Keys Golden Path program helps you unlock and understand each of these sequences in your profile. I offer 1:1 support in moving through the Golden Path program as part of my 1:1 coaching.

Without getting too sidetracked into the scientific side of things, the Gene Keys ties together the Chinese I Ching and its relationship to genetic code. Just as there are 64 codons in DNA, there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. In effect the 64 Gene Keys are a Gene I Ching. A holistic language that resonates and communicates with your DNA. As the science of epigenetics (the science of how the environment affects your genes) becomes more widespread we can no longer deny the effect our environment, and therefore our attitude has on our DNA. We are not a victim of fate. A victim of our DNA. We are only a victim of our own attitude. And that is completely within our control. It is the key to unlocking our freedom.

To begin the contemplation of you Gene Keys and your profile you will need the Gene Keys Book. I incorporate the Gene Keys into my 1:1 coaching and would love to help support you in transforming your shadows into your gifts. Regardless of what path you choose to explore your Gene Keys I highly recommend the book. It’s also available as an eBook. We all have all of these keys within us regardless of whether they are highlighted in our chart or not. Contemplating all of the Gene Keys is beneficial.

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I have created a resource to help you begin to understand your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile. You can download your Getting Started with The Gene Keys Guide here.

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