Who the Hell Are You? Do You Even Know?

Who are you? What makes you YOU?

Have you spent your whole life trying to fit in? Fitting into societal, family, religious, and institutional norms? Being shaped by the boxes you think people need to fit into to be accepted? To be successful? To be happy? To be loved?

When is the last time you really were present, got quiet with yourself, and thought about where you are and how you got here? Thought about where you want to go? When is the last time you gave real thought to what is important to you? What you value? What makes you happy? What lights you up?

How have you been making your decisions day by day? Do you truly listen to what you want? Or do you let others opinions influence you? How have you been choosing to move forward? Or have you been moving forward at all?

Have you just been existing? Or have you been thriving? Have you been reaching goal after goal, checking off all the “life boxes” but still not feeling satisfied? Or did you stop even trying to reach for something years ago?

How many masks are you wearing and layers are you hiding behind? Do you even know? Did you even realize they were there? If you stripped them all away who would you be? Would there be anyone left at all?

If you had a blank slate you could start over from, as if you were transported into this life with the ability to shape your reality, who would you want to be? Would you even know? Would the masks and boxes and layers you’ve been buried beneath have been so heavy that, now bared naked, you would forget who you even desire to be?

Do you have passions that drive you? Instincts that guide you? A purpose that motivates you? Do you have any sense of the sheer volume of possibility that is before you when you free yourself from those old restraints? From those limits.

I’ve been shedding layers like an onion for the past couple years. I’ve discovered pieces of me I never knew were lost. I’ve found myself drawn to new masks to try on and I’m still digging to discover the raw Christa at her core. The true nature of my soul when all else is left behind. To remember who I am and to decide who I am meant to be. It is a journey that may never truly be done but this path to authenticity is the most beautiful struggle I’ve ever undertaken. I celebrate every fragment remembered.

I know that I am here to help women realize how much more there can be to life. To help women realize the beauty of this journey and have the courage to take it deeper. To own the power they have to choose a life that fulfills them on many levels. I want to help women begin to remember. If you are ready, if you feel called to leave the masks behind, I invite you to join us on July 16th for my group program Passion, Purpose, & Possibility.

*This program has ended. You can discover my current offerings here: https://christapotter.com/work-with-me/

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