Aspirations or Acquisitions?

How often do you really think about why you want the things that you want to have in your life?

Think about all the things you wish you had the money to buy right now. Do you want them because of how they will truly enrich your life? Or do you want them because you believe they will bring you positive attention? Maybe you hope they will bring you status or an image you long to uphold? Or maybe you believe you need them to fit in? Perhaps it is so subconscious you can’t even figure out the real reason?

Think about that big house that you want. That new car. The clothes. The handbag and shoes. That watch. Why do you want that particular thing? Just THINK about it.

Do you want it because it’s what everyone else seems to want? Do you want it because it’s what the people you know or respect have? Do you want it because you think it will make other people think of you in another way? A “better” way. Do you want it because you believe that if you don’t have it, that says something about you?

Why do these particular things matter so much to you? Have you ever really thought about that?

Think of all the things over the years that you’ve felt that way about and managed to acquire. Was it worth it? Do you still feel that way about it? Do you treasure it? Is it something you will lie on your deathbed one day and be grateful for the value it added to your life? Does it hold a special place in your heart? Or has it simply been replaced with new wants?

Think as well about all the things about yourself on the physical level you are aspiring to change. Maybe you wish you could buy new boobs, Botox, a nose job? Will that still matter to you in 30 years? In 50 years?

What truly matters to you in your life? What do you truly value? What will you continue to value? Is that where your focus and attention lies most of the time? Or are you too busy focusing on all this “stuff”? These acquisitions. These brand names. These milestones of appearance and stature.

What level of fulfillment are these things going to bring you? Are they the lasting kind? The life-changing kind? Are they the heartwarming, soul nurturing kind? Are they speaking to your purpose? To your legacy? To your light you have to share in this world?

Is there really anything holding you back from sharing that light RIGHT NOW? We need you!

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