You Are The Key

Are you still searching for the answer? The key to happiness? The key to success? The key to finding love? The key to beauty? The key to better health?

YOU are the key. ????️

The choices you make. The perceptions you have. The way you choose to see the world. The way you choose to show up in the world. Whether or not you live in truth to who you truly are and who you want to be. You will not find it outside yourself. You will not find it in how others have done it or how society has led you to believe it “should” be done. It is found within you.

Stop giving your power away expecting others to give you what can only be found within yourself. Blaming others for everything you don’t have and what’s been done to you. Take responsibility for creating your own happiness. It is not up to anyone else. You ARE the key to unlocking everything you are desiring and that key is already in your hands. ???? Scary? Maybe. Empowering? Absolutely!

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