Your Success Does Not Require Perfection

It’s hard to feel in control of your business when things feel out of control in your home life.

As Entrepreneurs, when your business is an extension of you, it’s more difficult to detach oneself from what’s going on in your life so you can fully tune into what you need to do, and how you need to show up in your business

I know for me, one of the first things my inner critic used to turn to all the time whenever things were feeling crazy in my life is “how can you expect to run a successful business when you can’t even __________”. Or “how can you expect to be able to help other women when __________. You’re a joke”. Heck, when things get particularly hairy, it’s still a place I can go to.

Now you can fill in that blank with a lot of things depending on the day…

Maybe it’s a messy house.

Maybe it’s an out of control kid.

Maybe it’s a fight with your partner.

Maybe it’s a bill you forgot to pay.

Etc. etc. etc. etc.

All the mom, wife, woman expectations we put on ourselves. All the responsibilities we put upon ourselves and that are thrust upon us.

And the natural next step is for our ego (who’s doing its best to keep us playing safe, small, and comfortable) to automatically use whatever it is as yet another convenient reason why we couldn’t possibly start, build, maintain, hold onto a successful business.

But it’s BULLSHIT.

You do not need to be perfect in your life or your business to be successful.

You are a human who also happens to be a business owner. And running a successful business does not mean you stop being human. In fact being human is what makes you such an incredible business owner.

Your skill, your talents, your problem solving, and yes your patience are tested every day in your life. And the experience and empathy you gain in doing so makes you superhuman. It makes you even stronger and more powerful.

It is not a detriment. It’s a gift.

And this is why working on your MINDSET, working on your self-care, and your personal growth are critical to your success as an entrepreneur.

Because if you’re not then you will let that critical voice in the back of your head win.

Because if you’re not you’ll allow your self-confidence to take a hit.

Because if you’re not you will give up when things get tough rather than using it as fuel to add to the fire of just how powerful you truly are.

The difference between the entrepreneurs that succeed and the ones that “fail” is that the ones that succeed DO NOT GIVE UP.

The ones that succeed know that the success of their business isn’t about finding the perfect business strategy or discovering some new marketing secret. Their success is a result of choosing themselves.

The ones that succeed know that it’s a result of choosing to keep going and knowing how to TRUST themselves.

The ones that succeed know that they are they are their business. They understand that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to be as devoted to yourself as you are to your business. If not more!

The ones that succeed keep going.

The ones that succeed (and maintain success without becoming stressed out, burned out, and overwhelmed) know that they keep going while knowing when to take a step back and honor and process what they are experiencing and taking care of themselves.

You get to continue to grow and evolve and fall more in love with yourself every day WHILE you build your wildly successful and rewarding business. You do not have to become some kind of “perfect human” first before you’re worthy of success and capable of doing kickass amazing work.

I have one spot that has opened up for my high level 1:1 coaching experience where we dive into all the marketing and business strategy you want with the mindset support you need to grow a business that feeds your soul AND your bank account. DM me if you’re ready for a level of support, strategy, and loving asskickery that will take your life and business to the level you know you’ve been called to.

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