You’re Invited! Introducing Divine Reflection

I’m am so excited to announce my new regular live series!

Divine Reflection – Live Collective Card Reading & Inspired Journaling Session

I will be going live once or twice a week and doing a live oracle card reading for the collective. Based on the card(s) pulled and their message I will create inspired journal prompts on the spot that we will use in a live journaling session together.
It will be an amazing way for us to tap into some more creative journal prompts and deep dive into some new territory with our reflections.
This free series is for you if:

  • You struggle coming up with ideas of what to journal about.
  • You’ve been considering giving journaling a try.
  • You’re an avid journaler always looking for new ways to journal.

I will be going live on my Business Page starting Monday! I will share the live video inside my Facebook group as well.

‼️ Facebook is an absolute butthole lately with notifying people of live videos (even if you’ve turned notifications on) so if you have any interest at all in tuning into these sessions I recommend you opting in at the link below.

You will be notified when these sessions are happening live, and receive a free PDF workbook after each session for your journaling pleasure with the replay.

Can’t wait to see you there!

I’m planning on going live next week on Monday and Thursday and then probably on Thursday between the holidays the following week. After that, we will see what works best for everyone.

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