About Christa

Christa Potter is an Energy Alignment and Business Coach for purpose led entrepreneurs looking to build businesses that light them up, not wear them down. She’s a certified Integrative Life Coach and Intuitive Mentor, Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner, Oracle & Tarot Card Reader, and wife and mom of two.

My Story

For the first 30+ years of my life, I was guided by my insecurity, me inability to make decisions, and my unwillingness to overcome my fear of change and the unknown.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane all the way to high-school to give you an idea of how this played out. As I was finishing up high school I had dreams of going away to University to study Microbiology or Genetic Engineering. What did I do instead? I stayed at home and went to the local college, (not even the local University), and enrolled in “General Interest”. I didn’t even know what to study at college because there wasn’t even anything offered at the college I was interested in. Plus… that would mean a decision. But hey, I didn’t have to leave my boyfriend or my job or really rock the boat in any way so that’s what I did. It only took a few weeks before I realized the General Interest program was totally a bore and waste of my time so I knew I had to pick SOMETHING. Someone I knew was enrolled in Office Administration and was enjoying it so I said what the hell.

So I enjoyed the underutilization of my potential by slacking, skipping, and still finishing the first year at the top of my program and graduating with my diploma in Executive Office Administration having received the Dean’s letter every term. Yay me.

And this is how the rest of my life kind of went. Relationships determined where I lived. Which in turn dictated the kind of job opportunities I would have. I simply let life happen to me, taking the “easiest” and most “risk-free” path only to end up completely miserable.

But then as the years went on and the more personal development and spiritual work I did the more I “accidentally” started following a more aligned path and seeing the positive manifestation of that.

And Then the Universe Gave Me The “Nudge”

I lost my 9-5 job back in 2011. As devastating as it was I used it as an opportunity to explore my passions. I had started a beauty blog as a hobby when I was still working full-time. I’d always been interested in makeup and naturally skilled at it. It had started out as a way to give back. I was interested in all of these niche and luxury beauty products that I had to order online and couldn’t see in person. So I relied on blogs to see swatches and reviews. I figured if I was taking the chance ordering this stuff online I should share my own experiences and swatches on my own fair skin since there really wasn’t a lot of resources for that online at the time.

Well lo and behold my beauty blog grew and became recognized. I was added to beauty brand PR lists and sent products, invited to media events in Toronto, and eventually earning income from advertising on my site and sponsored posts. It was like a dream. And I loved it! I also started my makeup artistry business at the same time focusing primarily on bridal makeup. I was officially an entrepreneur!

I don’t want this story to end up being 10,000 words long so I’ll try to summarize this as best I can. The moral of the story is I slowly learned how to follow my passion and purpose, overcome fear and that “practical” voice of “shoulds” to follow the breadcrumbs laid out by the Universe to my path. My blog and makeup artistry business both grew over the years. I learned how to build websites, create my own graphics, grow my social media following, build and email list and funnels, ALL THE THINGS. In case you don’t know I’ve always been a big DIYer! OK let me clarify that! DIYer when it comes to entrepreneurship… NOT crafty shit. I’m definitely not crafty! So back to my growing blog, I finally had to have the courage to admit it wasn’t in alignment anymore. I couldn’t drag myself to the swanky media events I once found fun. Writing reviews and posts about makeup just felt shallow and meaningless to me. How was that really helping anyone? I realized I was craving more meaning in my life. I was feeling called to throw myself fully into the personal development and spiritual growth work that had help me overcome the depression I’d struggled with since childhood. The inner work that had helped me realize that I didn’t need everyone and everything around me to change in order to be happy and fulfilled. The work that helped me finally know and trust that I wasn’t alone and that I was always guided and supported.

I wanted more women to experience the awakening through entrepreneurship that I had.

So, at the very same time I was receiving and award for Best Beauty Site at the 2017 P&G Beauty Awards, something that surely could have catapulted my blog to the next level, I decided instead to walk away from it and follow my passion. Because yes, our passions, our needs and desires, evolve and change as we do.

But this isn’t the magical turning point in my life. It still took me more time, more learning, and a lot more inner work to get to the point I’m at today. While I’d followed my purpose in a broader sense I was still making the wrong decisions in my business. I resisted niching down and getting clarity on who I really wanted to serve and why. While I’d saved my sanity and my relationships through my own journey I was still operating out of fear and conditioning when it came to making decisions in my business. And making decisions… man that was still HARD. I was still lacking the confidence and clarity to actually grow the business and serve in the way I’d felt called to. My coaching business was burning me out, not lighting me up. And that’s NOT what I had dreamed of.

Oh and yes, I’m still a makeup artist. Because I still love making women feel beautiful and confident for their wedding day and sexy, fierce and beautiful for boudoir photoshoots. It’s OK to be multi-passionate ladies!

Why on Earth Should My Story Mean Anything to You?

Well here’s the thing. I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost a decade and it took me a LONG time to really lean into the faith and trust that I was divinely guided and supported and truly capable and worthy of achieving the vision I felt called to. I didn’t have to do it like anyone else. I didn’t have to be anyone else. I don’t want you to spend a decade figuring that out! I want to help you ditch the overwhelm and indecision. I want to help you realize and embody the essence of who you are so you can build a business that’s an expression of your heart and soul.

What You Really Need to Know About Me

I help purpose led women entrepreneurs build wildly rewarding and fulfilling businesses that light them up, not wear them down.

Together we will let go of all the fears and “shoulds” that are holding you back from realizing the meaning, fulfillment, and success you dreamed of when you first stepped into entrepreneurship.

It’s time for you to feel clear, confident, and inspired with your abundant and rewarding life and business!

Let’s work together!

Christa is also a bridal and boudoir makeup artist. You can find out more about her local services and check out her beauty blog at RealizingBeauty.com.