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What Does It Mean to Be a Limitless Creatrix?

Being a Limitless Creatrix is all about creating a boundless life full of infinite possibilities. You know you feel called to more in your life. More freedom, more abundance, more connection. You believe, or want to believe, it’s possible, yet something still seems to be holding you back from making it happen.

It’s time to break those bonds and choose to color outside the boxes of societal norms and your past conditioning to craft your boundless existence.

You are here to…  BE + LIVE + DO + IMPACT in a balanced and evolving way to finally feel that fulfillment you’ve longed for by creating… (2)

Meet Christa

Creating a fulfilling and successful life as a heart led entrepreneur isn’t just about energetics and mindset, nor is it all about strategy and action. It requires BOTH. It’s all about navigating the feminine and masculine in both our BEing and our DOing.

I’ve walked the path of Mindset + Energetic Alignment coaching, followed by a detour into becoming a Certified Master Marketer, funnel builder, and Online Business Strategist, to then arrive in a place of understanding and appreciation for both sides. Navigating this necessary duality in entrepreneurship looks different for each individual. I believe in supporting women in getting clarity around what success and fulfillment looks like to them so they can find their own unique and limitless path in life and business with confidence.

It’s my mission to help other women entrepreneurs create the financial freedom and independence in their business and their BEing that can help us change the world.

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Living Your Limitless Life

Create the clear vision of the boundless life you want to live. Discover the woman you want to be. Achieve clarity on who that highest self version of you is and take the steps required to become her.

Building Your Limitless Business

Create the business and brand identity, and get clarity on the vision you have for fulfilling your mission. Establish the positioning and messaging that fulfills your purpose through your business.

Having Your Limitless Impact

Establish the business and marketing strategy to create the impact you want to have, and leave the legacy you want to leave, in the world.


How We Can Help You craft a clear and boundless vision for the future of your life and business and transform it into reality

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Done-With-You (DWY)

Done-For-You (DFY)