Your business is meant to

light you up, not wear you down.

Balancing the practical and strategic side with the spiritual and energetic side of entrepreneurship.

Helping women realize and embody the essence of who they are so they can create a life and business that are expressions of their heart and soul.

I'm here to help you dive deep into, and overcome, what's been holding you back so that you can step into your power and build the fulfilling business you really want behind all the "shoulds".


Imagine truly knowing yourself. Discovering all the buried parts of yourself. Accepting them, embracing the shadows and the light, and loving your whole self. No longer being the victim and owning your power, your beauty, and your divine being. Rising above your limiting beliefs and repressed quirks and being your authentic self with confidence.


How would you like to feel truly connected to something bigger than yourself. To know that you are not alone. You are loved and supported at all times. A beautifully unique and destined piece of a bigger picture. To have a sense of peace, purpose, and connection in your life. Take comfort knowing you aren't just stumbling through this life just to get by.


How would you like to live a life of intention? Knowing what you truly desire from life and moving forward with passion and purpose. Sometimes we lose sight of who we are and what our soul is longing to fulfil. Discover your authentic self and live in integrity to those values. Break free of what's been holding you back. No more fitting into everyone else's boxes!

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Hi! I'm Christa

Your Energetic Alignment and Business Coach.  I know what it's like as an entrepreneur to feel stressed out, struggling, and unsure of myself. "Is this the right business to start?" "What should my niche be?" "What kinds of products and services will sell best?" "Why isn't anyone buying?" "Why is it so damn hard to make a decision?" "I keep throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick but nothing is sticking!" "Man I really thought I would love this but I don't know..."  Any of this sound familiar?
I now feel the inspiration, purpose, direction, and flow I longed for as an entrepreneur and I wan't you to experience that too... because it's freaking AMAZING! It's waiting for you.

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