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1:1 coaching

Ways to Work Together

My 1:1 coaching program helps purpose driven women entrepreneurs build a fulfilling life and business with ease, flow, and passion. It's time to get the clarity and courage to build the rewarding business you truly wanted when you became an entrepreneur.
We will explore the practices and strategies that will build your business in a way that lights you up, not wears you down.

3-month package

• (3) Months of Coaching with Christa
• (3) Months of Email and Voxer Checkins/Support Between Calls
• (6) 45-Minute 1:1 Zoom Coaching Calls (2 per month)
• (3) 15-Minute Zoom Laser Sessions (1 per month) - Can be used for a live card reading & channeled guidance, mediation, or healing as needed.
• Monthly Energy Card Readings (3)
• Supporting materials (is there a fun word for homework?)



• (6) Months of Coaching with Christa
• (6) Months of Email and Voxer Checkins/Support Between Calls
• (12) 45-Minute 1:1 Zoom Coaching Calls (2 per month)
• (6) 15-Minute Zoom Laser Sessions (1 per month) - Can be used for a live card reading & channeled guidance, mediation, or healing as needed.
• Bi-weekly Energy Card Readings (12)
• Supporting materials
• VIP Coaching Intensive Day in Toronto, ON Canada.
• Access to Other Programs



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There is something so powerful about being surrounded by women you are just as purpose driven as you are. With dreams just as big. Women who don't think your aspirations are crazy. They know you are called, just like they are, to something much bigger. Sharing space with other high vibration women elevates your vibration, and your life, even higher. It's motivating, inspiring, and life changing. It truly is!


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Transformational Journaling is more than just a journaling course. It's a complete guided and supported path to establishing the habit and the tools to coach yourself as a catalyst to powerful healing and transformation.
If you know you can maintain your motivation through self study then this course can create massive shifts, transformation, and healing.
12 weeks of life changing content you will have access to for life.


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what's inside?

• Essential and Foundational Journaling

• Deep Work and Healing Journaling 

• Introspective, Contemplative, Alternative, and Other Forms of Journaling

Mindset, Manifestation, Inner Child, Shadow Work, Clarity, Purpose, Goal Setting, Emotional Processing, Forgiveness, Creativity, Gratitude, Reflection, Personal Discovery, Journaling with Oracle cards, and so many more forms of journaling!

Kind Words

"Transformational Journaling is a life-changing experience that allows you to get more in touch with who you really are."

It allows you to see the areas you've been neglecting and shows you how to have a more positive outlook overall.

Benefits I've experienced as a result of taking this course are that I am more aware of the impact of my actions on those around me, I am more grateful for the little things I have in my life, and I am more conscious of how my past has shaped my belief system - and how I can shift those beliefs into truths.


"I have more clarity, more insight, and more confidence now."

If you are ready to face the things you need to change, if you are willing to do the work, then go for it!! Jump on this opportunity! It will widen your eyes and broaden your horizons. It will give you tools to accomplish all manner of goals. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix for your problems, however, it might not be right for you... then again, there's every chance you might surprise yourself.

J. haley

"This is a great investment because you really get to know yourself and what better person to get to know"

Transformational Journaling has helped me get clarity on issues in my life and overcome some struggles and get to know how I think (my human operating plan).

The thing that surprised me most is that it is not hard. I actually knew that this was something I wanted to do but thought it would be hard.


"If my friend was on the fence about taking this course; I'd tell her to stop thinking and just jump in and do it!"

 I have benefited from being able to write out my thoughts or my feelings and didn't have to only express these things verbally. I realized that the most important thing was for me to understand that I can communicate within myself to work through difficult situations and toneven celebrate the good stuff. I find myself looking forward to sitting down and writing... about anything that's important to me or makes me feel better or allows me to be creative.


"I feel that I can answer my own questions. My soul knows a lot more than my mind gives her credit for!"

The most noticeable result is how much better I sleep. I'm one of those people who wakes up a number of times through the night to remind myself to do something or even worse, think what-if scenarios. Like what if I did this instead of that or what if I said that instead or what if my feelings are not really my feelings (empaths will know what I'm taking about). I could go on and on. By just journaling, even for 10 min, my mind calms down and I can go to sleep.

kayla r.

"Before Transformational Journaling I was struggling to connect with me as a deeper individual."

What I love most about the course was that I established a daily habit of journaling and the knowledge that the answer is there, somewhere. And I have a calmness now that my emotions can be expressed in an easy heathy way and not pent up.

Now I look forward to journaling each day! I am more insightful and tuned in. I liked the flow and ease of the program. 

samantha h.

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