Why Blogging is a Waste of Time for Your Business

Should You Be Blogging for Your Business?

If you’re an entrepreneur and business owner YOU SHOULD NOT BE BLOGGING.

WHOA! What? I know… that sounds dramatic. But it’s true. As a business owner you don’t want to be just “blogging”.

What you need to be doing is Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

Am I saying that you should never write a blog post for your business again?


A blog post about NOT blogging for your business. How meta would THAT be!

What I am saying is that…

A) Blog posts are just a part of content marketing. Publishing blog posts can be a part of your content marketing strategy but it may not be your best choice and it should not be your only choice.


B) Writing random posts about stuff on the internet is not content marketing. You can go ahead and do that on your personal or hobby blog but when you are publishing blog articles on your website it needs to be part of a content marketing strategy. That means those posts must serve a purpose and have a strategy that is part of your overall business strategy.

You don’t want to be posting random content on your blog just for the sake of blogging. You want to be posting content that serves a purpose in your Content Marketing Strategy.

So what kind of purpose am I talking about.

Well your Content Marketing Strategy has three goals.

The 3 Goals of Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • Bring AWARENESS for your brand and your offers.
  • Deliver VALUE to your customers..
  • Build TRUST and AUTHORITY.
The 3 Goals of Content Marketing

Think back to your last several blog posts. Can you see how one or more of these goals fit into your content?

  • Did your posts help them understand your business and how you offer solutions than can help get them from where they are right now to where they really want to be?
  • Did you posts offer them some sort of quick win or result or save them time or money in some way?
  • Did your posts teach educate them or bring them some new awareness?
  • Did your posts entertain or inspire them?
  • Did your posts tie into your offers and naturally guide them to the next step in their customer value journey with your business?

It’s so important that the content you are posting is offering your customers value!

3 Types of Content Value

  1. Education
  2. Inspiration
  3. Entertainment

Before you spend any more time writing blog posts as an entrepreneur, I want you to sit down and think about what topics it makes sense for you to bring awareness to, and educate your ideal audience on, for YOUR business.

What to Create Your Content On?

You will want to have a list of topics you can draw from when planning out your content calendar and sitting down to write.

A bonus of this is it will help you organize your blog category and tag structure!

There are two kinds of topics you will want to decide on:

Core Topics

These are topics that relate directly to your customer and your offers.

Related Topics

These are topics you can touch on that your customer will relate to, but may not directly relate to your offers.

Now as I mentioned, blogging is just a part of a businesses content marketing strategy. There are many types of content you can publish to achieve your goals of driving awareness for your brand, delivering your audience value, and building trust and credibility in your industry.


Different Types of Content for your Content Marketing

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • Reports/White Papers
  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Downloadable Worksheets

The great thing is you don’t have to let this list feel overwhelming. Firstly, you of course don’t have to use them ALL, but secondly it can be much easier to incorporate a variety of these in your content marketing strategy by repurposing and splintering out content into a variety of formats as well as overlapping them.

Let’s say writing isn’t your strong suit for example, and you hadn’t really planned on blogging but wanted to focus on video instead. Well you could easily take the transcript from that video to be repurposed as a blog post AND take the audio to be repurposed as a podcast. 

There are so many possibilities for how your content can be used in both your content marketing strategy and your social media strategy.

Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Support Your Business Growth Plan

Content That Translates Into Sales

Your content marketing strategy must be supporting what you are currently promoting in your business and how you are moving your customers to ascend them through the products and services that you offer to support them.

For blogging or any other content marketing strategies to have a return on investment of your time and energy it’s important that it translates into revenue.

In order to do that and for you to be able to craft the perfect Content Marketing Strategy for your business it will require you to know WHO you are talking to when creating your content and have a deep understanding of your BUSINESS STRATEGY and a PLAN for how you are growing and scaling your online business through your value ladder and upcoming launches.

If you’d like help having that strategy and plan in place for your business that acts as the foundation and clarity for your business decisions and growth then book a free discovery session with me here.

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