25 Questions to Help You Stop Wasting Time and Start Making More Money in Your Business

How much time are you wasting trying to learn all the things in your business before you start actually taking the actions that are going to move you forward?

How many freebies have you downloaded, podcast episodes have you listened to, and courses have you enrolled in?

Do you have the infamous shiny object or squirrel syndrome?


How much more time and money are you willing to waste before you actually start doing the damn thing!

Maybe you can think back weeks, months, maybe even years into your entrepreneurial journey and see where you could have made the executive decision and moved the needle forward a dramatic amount in a short amount of time by actually hiring someone to just get the damn thing DONE!

And maybe it really is a course or product that could help you get it done in a reasonable amount of time but that would require you to actually commit to that one thing, FINISH it, and then EXECUTE.

The other thing that I see holding so many entrepreneurs back from actually doing their magic in the world is not being willing to make decisions.

Being unwilling to sit down, get real, and figure out who you are, how you truly want to serve, WHO you truly want to serve, and the offers and services that are going to make it a reality.

I see women fumbling around from one strategy to the next. Testing the waters with different ideas and courses. Polling their audience to see what they want from them. Instead of just DECIDING on the ultimate vision of their dream client and their dream vision of working with them.

They spend so much time chasing clients and chasing sales only to discover they don’t even enjoy those clients are like delivering on those services.

And I get it, not everyone’s brain works the same way. It can be hard to sit down and figure out all the pieces and put them all together in a way that honors your soul and your passion for what you do.

But it’s so important you do! Otherwise you sink into this mess of losing the purpose behind what you started your business for and instead ending up in a mess of tasks and the constant feeling you need to know more all while resenting the work you end up doing every day.

And if you’re struggling to see the bigger picture for yourself then it’s time to find the help you need to put that plan into place because every day that goes by without it is costing you and your business money.

So here are the important questions you need to be asking yourself. Download the audio and accompanying PDF workbook below!

Shortcut to Success – 25 Questions to Help You Stop Wasting Time and Start Making More Money in Your Biz

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