Are Your Enriching Your Life or Escaping From It?

I had a bit of an aha moment last night. I realized it’s been FOREVER since I read a fiction book. I’ve always loved reading. I still love reading. But nothing I read anymore is ever a novel.

So I got to thinking… why would that be? And it hit me immediately.

I read now to enrich my life. To learn, to grow, to evolve.

When I used to read it was for escape. I would get completely absorbed in a book and be unable to put it down. Often to the detriment of other things in my life that needed attending to.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with reading fiction of course! Entertainment is a beautiful thing. I love me some good Netflix when I’m looking for chill time. And I’ve recently developed a bit of an obsession with HGTV and Nat Geo.

That said, the shift in my reading has definitely been because I value my own growth above all else right now. And when it comes down to it, a majority of the time, I’m far more interested in the growth of my biz and myself as a human and a soul than I am in escaping with entertainment vs. the past when I used to do anything to escape the reality I was living.

I love my life! And I found it so interesting to see how that’s shifted a lot of things for me… including my reading material. Whoda thunkit!

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