Flow and Alignment Can Take Discipline

Yes… alignment and flow is a beautiful and POWERFUL energy to be in. It is so important we are focusing on living and working in alignment and flow.


Here’s the thing…

Flow doesn’t happen automatically. In fact flow CAN’T happen if you aren’t giving it the space to happen.

If you are spending all of your time working with your face buried in your laptop or scrolling social media or whatever other busy work and distractive “stuff” that takes over your days then you aren’t allowing the space for alignment and flow to happen.

So in order to allow alignment to happen you must be taking time to connect within. You must be allowing self awareness and discovery to happen. You must be allowing yourself to connect to, and listen to your soul and your body’s wisdom.

The best ways I find for doing this are meditating, journaling, and even something as simple as going for a walk.

But if you aren’t doing these things daily then you need to kick your ass in gear and DISCIPLINE yourself to make it happen until it becomes a habit. Until it becomes as automatic as brushing your teeth.

Alignment and flow can’t and won’t inject itself into your non stop hustle. Nor will it just randomly show up when you’re Netflix and chilling. 

Flow doesn’t = laziness.

You can have a beautiful balance of hustle and flow.

Success DOES take work. But it can be work that feels good, aligned, and NOT a struggle.

So if you’re not allowing yourself the benefit of alignment and flow in your life and business right now then it’s time to say “enough’s enough!” and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Discipline that flow into your life until it becomes your life.

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