What Are You Sacrificing?

Do you believe in more? Or do you believe there may not be enough?

Are you living your life open to the flow of abundance? Or are you holding back in life with lack and fear?

If you asked me years ago I would have told you that I was struggling with a lack mentality. I felt life was always going to be a struggle. That there would never be enough. After all, it was what I was experiencing. I felt like I could never do or have the things that I wanted.

My lack mentality was something that I needed to work through. It was a mindset I had to consciously work on shifting.

But my soul ALWAYS new. My soul always believed in more.

My soul knew I was destined for more.

My soul knew I was meant to have and achieve incredible things.

My soul knew that abundance was all around me.

And I’ve only recently realized that not only did my soul believe in more I DID. On a conscious level I knew. I had every confidence.

My ego wanted to quiet this side of me down. To shame her. To show her how irrational and irresponsible she was being.

But I believed in more.

I have never been willing to sacrifice.

I was not going to give up.

At my core I have always known that struggling, doing undervalued work, pinching pennies to budget and save, taking a job I hated, was NOT the way to greater abundance and success for me.

I have never, would never, will NEVER pinch the flow of abundance that’s all around me.

I have always believed at a core level that calling in more abundance made more sense to me than squeezing and holding onto the fixed amount I had.
I am an entrepreneur at heart. I live and breathe having complete control of my reality.

The thought of having a “regular paycheck” never felt like safety and stability to me. It felt like a constriction. A limit.

Why bitch and moan about being undervalued and underpaid and beg and pray for a small raise to expand my wealth when I could CREATE IT.

I want the ability to make in one month what I made the entire previous year. (Yes it happened!)

I want to have my hands in the clay shaping my reality in every way I can.
I want the sky to be the limit.

I’m not saying working for someone else is a mistake. I’m saying it’s a mistake for me.

Being a business owner is in my blood.

Of course I didn’t start of my days as an entrepreneur being wildly successful. I put in years of struggle and hard work to grow and shift and evolve.

I spent years making less money than I did in my previous career.
But I loved every moment. Every moment was mine. Every moment of success, every failure, and every moment “wasted”. They have all been mine.

I was never willing to sacrifice my creativity and my KNOWING that more was there for me.

Where are you still sacrificing?

Now some business owners are in it as just another J.O.B. but I know for me it’s about so much more than that.

My business is an expression of my heart and soul.
My entrepreneurship, and my knowing that no matter how hard things were I knew it was all going to be worth it, was something I was 100% not willing to budge on. I was not going to give up. I was not going to sacrifice.
I was willing to TRUST.
Where in your life are you holding back because you’re not willing to trust?
Where do you find yourself buckling and bending when things get uncomfortable.

Where do you find yourself giving up?

I want you to take a few minutes and ask yourself, “what do I know in my soul is right for me?”.

And now I want you to mother f*$%ing DECIDE that it’s a done deal. It’s already yours. It’s already happening. You are completely unavailable for anything less. You know it’s yours. You TRUST. You will not sacrifice. CLAIM IT!

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