What Is My Purpose? My Calling?

What is my purpose?

What’s my purpose in life? The existential question that has plagued me for years. The nagging need to know and claim that has spawned the investments of time and money on, as well as the creation of, so many products, coaching programs, books, meditations, and on and on and on it goes.

I’m sure you’ve found your way here because you’re wondering yourself how to answer this question. Perhaps you feel you already know the answer yet still you seek to validate it. To confirm it. To finally be sure and accept it at a deeper level.

You want to know what your purpose is because you want to know what you should be doing with your life. Or should I say what you’re “meant” to do with your life. You long to know your calling. To be called. To find meaning.

Perhaps, as an entrepreneur, or aspiring one, you feel this desperation to know your purpose so you can know what path to take with your business in order to fulfill your purpose. I currently run a Facebook group at the time of this writing called Purpose Led & Prosperous Entrepreneurs because this is such a driving factor for me and for many of us as entrepreneurs.

But there’s something that I have learned throughout this personal and spiritual growth and entrepreneurial journey of mine.

Your purpose is not your business.

Your purpose is not to help others.

Your purpose is not to lead a movement or leave a legacy.

Your one and only purpose is to step fully into being you.

Your purpose is to be you. Embody all of who you are. Discover her. Accept her. Love all sides of her.

Your purpose is to wake up and realize that this is YOUR life and you deserve to live it fully as the beautiful BEing you are.

Your business is not going to save you.

Your purpose may guide your business, it may even be a vehicle through which you express your purpose, but your business is not your purpose.

Your purpose as an entrepreneur

Helping others is not going to fulfill your purpose. It’s not going to fulfill you. For there need not be any void within you to be filled. There are no holes. You are not broken.

I’m not saying that you won’t impact and help people positively. Nor am I saying that you can’t grow a purposeful business and leave a lasting legacy in the world. 

What I’m saying is that that is not why you are here. That is not your purpose. There is not something you need to do for others as your purpose to create that.

Rather that impact, that success, that fulfillment, that transformation you help facilitate in others… those things aren’t your purpose, but rather the natural consequences of you living your true purpose. Your true purpose of BEing. Of stepping into all that you already are.

The connection, the impact, the abundance, all flow from that BEing.

And all of these things can be realized regardless of what you do as your vocation or as your business. As you continue to step more and more into who you are, what you do is bound to change. For it’s the energy behind it that truly matters.

I’ve spent years of my life desperately wanting someone or something to tell me my purpose. Just tell me what I’m here to do. What I’m supposed to do. I just wanted answers.

There are so many ways that we all search for answers.

We look to tools like Human Design, the Gene Keys, The Enneagram, Astrology, Myers Briggs, Numerology etc. to show us.

We may look to intuitives, psychic readings, tarot and oracle cards, or consultants and analysts to tell us.

We seek out teachers, mentors, coaches to teach us, or that we can emulate.

These are all valuable tools but there is something crucial you must understand.

They can’t give you *the answer*. I can’t give you *the answer*.

All of these things, along with many more I’m sure I’ve neglected to mention, can help us discover and learn more about ourselves by opening up new pathways of thinking and exploration. By awakening new understandings and awareness.

But they can not, and will not, give us the answer.

Because the only real answer is the one you choose.

The only answer is being willing to be truly honest and vulnerable with yourself and who you are and what you want and be committed to going on the journey to make it happen.

If you desire something that perhaps scares you or maybe even embarasses you, you don’t need anyone or anything to tell you that that’s the “right” purpose for you.

Only you can decide that.

If you desire it, it is meant for you and available to you.

Your purpose cannot be discovered externally.

It cannot be fulfilled externally.

(and yes that included through helping others).

Your purpose is fulfilled through BEing you.

Your purpose is within you and can only be fulfilled through being you.

If you’re struggling to discover your purpose right now you simply need to go within.

Connecting. Discovering. Healing. Loving. Choosing. Living.

That is your purpose realized.

Stop seeking and begin deciding. 

Everything begins and ends with YOU.

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